Congressional Democrats’ Letter to President Obama: Pause Record Number of Deportations and Extend DACA

Dec 8, 2013
3:08 PM

For those who think that it’s just Latino sites and organizations that are saying #Not1More to record deportations by the Obama administration, check out this letter from congressional Democrats. Yes, these people are part of the same party as the President’s.


An excerpt:

Our efforts in Congress will only be helped by the sensible and moral step of stopping deportations.

As we have seen with deferred action for childhood arrivals such relief brings with it the benefit of active participation in the debate by undocumented people themselves.When their stories are known and voices are heard we have witnessed how the debate shifts.The fear and xenophobia that block progress only shrink in the display of their courage. But left unchecked the threat of deportations will prevent so many from coming forward and contributing to the national conversation. Instead the specter of deportation removes the human and grounding element in any political discussion—those individuals who are most directly impacted.

These Democrats are ask asking for an extension of the President’s Deferred Action program (DACA). Pause the record deportations. The rest of the letter is here.

Congressional Democrats Tell President to Pause Deportations

By the way, if you think the deportation issue affects just people from Mexico (which is what the mainstream media continues to pound), think again. Visit this Google map link with real statistics. Hover over a country and learn something.

And after that, read about what @vato has to saw about all this.