Ponce Man Says His “Puerto Rico ID” Not Valid at Massachusetts Bowling Alley

Dec 11, 2013
11:42 AM

A Facebook post by a Ponce, Puerto Rico resident visiting an AMF bowling alley in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts is getting some attention after he claimed that the bowling alley refused his Puerto Rican ID because, according to him, Puerto Rico wasn’t “part of the continental U.S.” despite the fact that it did accept Hawaiian and Alaskan IDs.


Charlie Rivera posted an explanation in Spanish on December 7. Here is the translation:

INCREDIBLE. I went to a bowling alley to spend some time with my son. This is in Shrewsbury, Boston. Discriminating against Puerto Ricans. They asked for ID and I was told they did not accept any type of Puerto Rico ID because it is not the U.S. mainland. However they accept IDs from Hawaii and Alaska. Their own policy book even refers to Puerto Rican driver’s licenses. This is further evidence of discrimination. Pass this message to everyone you know who have family and friends in Boston.

Shrewsbury is a nothern suburb of Boston, located near the New Hampshire line. And just to remind everyone:


They have been since 1917.