First #NoMames 2014 Tweet Already Upon Us: Ana Navarro’s ‘Contra Leaders’ for NYC

Jan 1, 2014
6:45 PM

So if you really think poor taste would go away on Twitter in 2014, think again. We already read our first #NoMames tweet of 2014, and it’s from the Twitter profile of Ana Navarro, a CNN political contributor and GOP campaign veteran. This is her profile:


And this is her tweet:
Navarro, if you may or may not know, is from Nicaragua, and as her bio states, “as a result of the Sandinista revolution, she and her family immigrated to the United States.”

Apparently Navarro likes to bring up Nicaragua metaphors all the time, as she also reportedly compared new New York City mayor Bill di Blasio to the Sandinistas on a recent CNN appearance. Because The New York Times called him a “leftist”.

Still, the tweet was a fail for its awful attempt at snark, but don’t take our word for it, read some of the reactions so far (best one is Lalo Alcaraz’s):

And so on and so on.

Put the smartphone down and THINK before you TWEET.

Navarro will likely say that we are overreacting and that we should just take a joke, but as one Rebelde said today, “Call me crazy, but I find jokes about utilizing murderous repression forces to change governments in bad taste.”

Everyone who knows anything about Latin America knows that Central America in the 80s was insanely tragic. Mocking it by comparing it to the new municipal government of New York City is just not needed in this world. It only brings up bad memories and makes Navarro, a national commentator, look amateurish.

By the way, more about Navarro here:

In the 1980s, the first-year law student at University of Miami campaigned for aid to the Contras in her native Nicaragua. The daughter of a well-off family in the agriculture business — her father was an early opponent of Anastasio Somoza who went on to fight against leftist revolutionaries — she moved to Miami at age 8 to escape the violence.

“I became a Republican before I knew what a Republican even was because of Ronald Reagan,” she said, recalling the president’s solidarity with the Contra counterinsurgency fighting the Sandinistas.