Yes, Mexico’s Lone Olympic Alpine Skier Will Compete in a Mariachi Costume

Jan 27, 2014
4:15 PM

We got this one from Bleacher Report after Twitter follower Esteban tweeted the following story to us:

No way, we thought. But once we went to NBC’s Olympic page, we saw this:


And this:


And this (by the way, we want this):


Then we knew it HAD to be true. Mexican Prince is a mariachi outfit or to the purists, a charro one.

And this is the dude who is doing it:

Prince Hubertus von Hohenlohe might be the most interesting competitor in the Alpine skiing field at the Sochi Olympics. Having qualified in the slalom, he would be the oldest competitor in the sport at 55 years of age. Descended from the reigning dynasty of a former principality in what is now Germany, von Hohenlohe, has competed in 15 World Championships and Sochi would be his sixth Olympic Games. In Vancouver, he was the lone Mexican athlete at the Games.

As you imagine, our community had a lot to say about Prince Hubertus. You gotta love what people with money do for attention. Here are just a few of those comments:

LOL instead of screaming he should laugh like a mariachi while going down hill lol

omg i want one!! I would totally be singing as i try to learn to When I sing “aye aye aye aye canta y no llores” will probably be due to pain..LOL!! Good Luck Hubertus

hahahhaha it looks horrendous XD

I love him already!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is too cool!!! A german mexican!!

Oh, Spanish Mexico.