Los Rakas New Video “Sueño Americano”

May 1, 2014
1:51 PM

Our favorite Panamanians in the Bay Area, Los Rakas are at it again. Today, May Day, we honor workers who risk it all to achieve the “American Dream” and we also must ask, what exactly is that dream?


Raka Dun & Raka Rich’s Sueño Americano is a song and video that could change the world. The video takes a hard look at the story of one frustrated young immigrant who faces the death penalty after one bad decision – a botched armed robbery – not only forces him to lose his best friend (in the video, played by Raka Rich), but shows how the American Dream does not always go according to plan.

Look out for Part 2 to the video series, “Chica de Mi Corazon” coming out soon and support Los Rakas debut album, “El Negrito Dun Dun & Ricardo” on iTunes & Amazon.