The Most Awkward (and Racist) Immigration FAQs from the City of #Murrieta

Jul 3, 2014
11:47 PM

The City of Murrieta, California is working really hard to make sure that the country’s current “immigrant crisis” doesn’t actually affect it. To be absolutely certain, the city’s official website has an “Immigration Update.” (H/T to this post from a fan.)


Here’s a sampling of some of the questions:

Can I donate goods for the immigrant children?
Immigration and Customs Enforcement is working with several non-profit groups to assist in humanitarian efforts.  Questions on how to render assistance can be directed at the following e-mail address:

How do you know an immigrant does not have a criminal background?
The criminal background check conducted by Border Patrol is compared with known criminal record databases in the United States only and is part of the processing of the illegal immigrants by their agency.  This is done through fingerprint comparison. During the screening process, Border Patrol also routinely questions illegal immigrants on gang affiliations in their country of origin. Information obtained during this process is used to determine whether they remain in detention or released pending a hearing date.

Is there a total of how many immigrants will be sent to the Murrieta Border Patrol Station?
We are being told that as many as 140 illegal immigrants are planning to be processed at the Murrieta Border Office every 3 days. It is anticipated that this will last for several weeks during the entire month of July.

What is the long term plan for our City?
This is being evaluated on a daily basis based upon information we receive from Border Patrol and ICE.

What is the plan if some of these infectious diseases become a public epidemic?
This would be the responsibility of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention coordinating with local state and county public health agencies once they are discovered and reported whereever [sic] the illegal immigrant patient is located at that time. More information can be obtained from their website at

Who is going to feed, clothe, house, and medically treat these people?
During the time the illegal immigrants are detained, Border Patrol and ICE will provide food and medically screen them for obvious ailments. Local paramedic services and hospitals could be used if the medical condition was serious to warrant immediate medical treatment. Those remaining in custody until their hearing date will continually receive these benefits from Border Patrol.

Who is paying for all the services needed to process the immigrants?
Funding for immigration enforcement is the responsibility of the Border Patrol and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE). These agencies are funded by the federal government through congressional legislation. Currently, the public safety costs incurred by the City of Murrieta to maintain order during this local crisis are being funded by the city’s general fund. The city plans to request reimbursement from the federal government, but funding is not guaranteed.

And in case you need to be 100% certain, there is this: