‘Clemente: The Legend of 21’ Musical Opens in Chicago

Aug 23, 2014
8:42 AM

Last night, a 2011 musical about Roberto Clemente is currently playing at Chicago’s NightBlue Performing Arts Company:

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The Chicago Sun-Times profiled lead actor Modesto Lacén and playwright Luis Caballero:

“I think Modesto is one of the best actors of his generation,” Caballero says. “To watch Modesto is to watch Clemente.”

Lacén knew right from the start that portraying Clemente was “a role of a lifetime.”

“It’s funny, when I started acting in college, I always dreamed about playing him,” says Lacén, who comes from a similar background as Clemente and shares his ideas about life and politics. “So it was one of those crazy moments when I got the call. I knew I could bring truth and honesty and heart to the role. I understand him.”

The cast also appeared on local Chicago radio and WGN TV as well.