Clinton to DREAMers: ‘I Think We Have to Elect More Democrats’ (VIDEO)

Sep 14, 2014
8:14 PM

In a video from Iowa posted on YouTube today by Mónica Reyes, former Secretary of State (and potential 2016 presidential candidate) Hillary Clinton was asked by immigration rights activists what she felt about President Obama’s recent decision to delay action on additional immigration relief. Clinton’s response: ” I think we have to elect more Democrats.” In the following video clip, Reyes asked Clinton the question after introducing herself. Right after that, DRM Action co-founder César Vargas followed up.

Reyes: My name is Mónica Reyes and I am an Iowa DREAMer…
Clinton: Yay!
Reyes: I was wondering what do you feel about Obama’s delay on immigration?
Clinton: Well, I think we just have to keep working. Can’t stop ever working.
Vargas: The President has broken his promise to the Latino community, Secretary, and we wanted to know whether you stand by the President’s delay on immigration.
Clinton: You know, I think we have to elect more Democrats.

Seconds later, Vargas tried to get former President Bill Clinton’s attention with the same question he asked Hillary Clinton. President Clinton kept walking. Both the Clintons were in Iowa today to drum up interest in the upcoming midterm elections, although according to reports, it was the first time Hillary Clinton was in Iowa since 2008, when she was running for President.

Last month, Vargas, Reyes and Erika Andiola has confronted Republican Rep. Steve King about his immigration views, while Reyes engaged King at a different event.