Will Google’s .Soy Domain for ‘Online Latinos’ Flourish or Fall Flat?

Oct 30, 2014
8:40 AM

Many online have some important questions for Google regarding their new Latino-focused initiative .Soy since it launched on October 16, and they’ve been asking them via various mediums.

Google describes .Soy as a “domain name for Latino identity and expression on the web.” It also says that “.Soy is the place for online Latinos.”


Which led many to ask: when did we as Latinos stop having our own identity and expression on the web? Are domains like .Com and .Org not working? Is this an attempt to create virtual segregation or a real initiative to engage Latino communities? How did .Soy come about, and what research led Google to believe a “Latino” domain was needed?

Everyone seems to have an opinion, so starting next week, Latino Rebels will start to gather those opinions by creating and administering an online survey allowing people to share more about Google’s new venture. The survey will focus on capturing reactions, gauging interest and seeing if the initiative will appeal to the majority of online Latinos. The survey will be controlled and we will be working with an experienced research firm. It won’t allow for padding (sorry, Google and your partners), but it will at least offer more real data about what people think about .Soy, besides tweets, Facebook comments and the stories like this one that are slamming the decision.

There have been debates brewing among Latinos about .Soy—some fiercely supporting Google and others questioning the need for another domain and see it as nothing more than a ploy to grab Latino dollars while Google faces internal diversity issues.

So we ask: Will .Soy flourish or fall flat?

Next week we will share have additional details, and encourage everyone to participate.

PS Our founder did talk with Google last week. It was a good and honest conversation. We can’t share much, but according to our founder, Google told him that they are open to constructive feedback and criticism. Will they listen and act? That is too early to tell.