That Moment in Sen. Mary Landrieu’s Keystone Speech When We Cringed: ‘Hooray!’

Nov 19, 2014
8:12 AM

Last night on the floor of the Senate, Louisiana’s Mary Landrieu gave her final pitch to get the Keystone XL passed. The embattled Democratic senator is trying really hard to make sure she is re-elected, but her efforts to get Keystone through the Senate failed.

During her speech, the Democrat (yes, Democrat) said this.

Hooray! We could also create jobs, not just in the U.S., but in Mexico. Hooray! You know, people that can work in Mexico, and have good jobs in Mexico, might stay in Mexico [little snicker laugh], and hooray for that. Instead of desperately looking for work in the United States. It can help us solve some of our immigration problems. What is wrong with this?

Yes, this is a Democrat. A Democrat who actually thinks you have to “secure the border.”

By the way, this whole “job creation” thing is a bit misleading. Sure, the Keystone XL job would create thousands of short-term construction jobs, but as for permanent ones? 35. Check it. And when did Keystone become part of immigration reform? Like never.