Bizarre (and Racist) Editorial Cartoon from New Mexico Has Us Shaking Our Heads

Feb 18, 2015
12:22 PM

Earlier today, one of our Twitter followers sent us this tweet:

So we clicked on the link, which took us to the site of the Roswell Daily Record and this editorial cartoon:


That was it. No explanation. No context. No nothing.

So we checked out the paper’s Facebook site and this showed up:

That Facebook post led to a petition, which said this:

The Roswell Daily Record’s regular anti-Hispanic and anti-African-American cartoons are anti-New Mexican. They cast Roswell, and all of New Mexico, in a bad light.

As an advertiser, I urge you to drop your business with the Daily Record until they drop their racist cartoonist and apologize to New Mexicans they offended.

You can email publisher Charles Fischer to drop your ads at

We have emailed Fischer for comment, and if he does respond, we will share. And yes, the cartoonist is no stranger to controversy.

Another local blogger added this about the cartoon: “The newspaper made famous for publishing the story of a purported UFO crash in 1947 is becoming infamous in the 21st century for publishing the most racist editorial cartoon of the week – again.”

That blog also added this:

The last two times the Roswell Daily Record published racist cartoons, leaders called for apologies but those fell on deaf ears. It’s time to hold the advertisers who provide the funding for the paper’s public platform to be held accountable.

Supposedly Roswell is considering new road signs, as this local story says:

Unique Roswell road signs to be installed

ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) – The City of Roswell may soon be adding some unique welcome signs, like a space ship abducting cows. Each sign would have a different theme tied to Roswell’s history like UFOs, Robert Goddard or Agriculture. The Community Improvement Commission met Thursday night to discuss the modern signs that would replace the current main roadway signs. It’s unclear when the signs would be put up.

Welcome to “post-racial” America. Hit it, Gollum.