Podcast from Intelatin: Foodcraft | The Jam Stand + The YES Bar

May 18, 2015
11:40 AM

This month at Intelatin, I am featuring two entrepreneurs working their food businesses. Sabrina Valle of The Jam Stand and Abigail Wald of The YES Bar. I feature these ladies for the inspiration and benefit of my DACAmented homegirls. Music for the podcast is performed by Chancha vía Circuito, Willie Colón & Héctor Lavoe, Héctor Guerra, Mr Toé, To Life!, Ibeyi, DigitalDubs and PandaDubs.

Listen to Sabrina’s story on Intelatin as it travels from New York to Fort Lauderdale to Spain to Ecuador to Puerto Rico to Bariloche and back to New York.


“At the age of 24, I started to make big transition decisions for myself. Center to my goals was my inability to speak Spanish and moved to Ecuador. I went with my mother on a medical mission to help people with significant challenges and I stayed with family friends learning to speak Spanish. I traveled around to Cuenca, Quito, Machu Pichu, Cartagena and Buenos Aires. I would wake up, make breakfast and I would do Rosetta Stone for a few hours on the computer in my room. This time culminated in the moment when I was finally ready to go out on a date and speak Spanish because the boy didn’t speak English. This era of my life was life changing and it brought me a lot closer to my grandparents when I got back to the United States.”

Sabrina’s jams are available on here.

Listen to Abigail’s story on Intelatin as it travels from New York to Chicago to Israel to New York and finally to Los Angeles.


“I think about how weird it feels to me to be doing something that I never knew I could do but since my father was an entrepreneur and I had a grandfather who invented the Rolodex and I think I’ve had it in me all along. I actually come from a line of inventors and entrepreneurs and making something out of noting. I’ve decided that this is my legacy. At 45, I have a wonderful husband, two beautiful children and I’ve had to fight for so much. I have my same home for twelve years and now I have a business. All of those things look and feel different than what I imagined they would be but I am so grateful. I feel so lucky.”

Abigail’s bars are available here.

About Intelatin: The radio broadcast for Intelatin was started in 2012 at California State University Long Beach as outreach for their majority Latin@ campus. The broadcast aired on KBeach Global and KKJZ 88.1 FM. It podcasts in 2015 on iTunes Audioboom and Podbean. The next Intelatin episode will be released at the end of June. Connect on Twitter: @Intelatin

Special thanks this month to Abigail Wald for her assistance in both features. TY, homegirl.