Please, Hillary, Enough with the Hispandering

May 20, 2015
10:52 PM

This Monday I was the moderator on a political roundtable where the hot topic was the 2016 presidential election. The one name that stood out above all the others was Hillary Clinton. According to one of the panelists, political psychologist and television analyst Bart Rossi:

Hilary has a winning personality. It’s not just about the politics or policies, it’s about how you relate to the people. She relates well, and is liked by many. She’s going to win the Democratic nomination, and with that, the 2016 election.

Based off of Rossi’s impressive track record at picking winners in the past, there is a good chance that Hillary Clinton may be the next President of the United States. However, Clinton is not one to leave things to chance. In order to sway the Latino voter bloc in her favor, Clinton has made prominent DREAMer Lorella Praeli her campaign’s Latino outreach director. I do not believe that Clinton bringing in a DREAMer is a coincidence.


Clinton is just another Democrat who is dangling that Immigration Carrot for Latinos again. She’s now recruited a DREAMer. How predictable. Though Clinton may have forgotten her past (or her husband’s past—NAFTA, anyone?), we (and the Internet) have not. For example, this is what Clinton said in 2003, when she was running for Senate in New York:

And then this happened just last year. Last year.

Also, don’t forget this one from last year as well:

So you can imagine that Clinton will do anything now to make people forget that her stance on immigration and immigration reform really doesn’t mesh with the views of the vast majority of Latino voters. How best to try and make it appear as if she is suddenly changing her mind? Bring a DREAMer into her campaign and continue with her Latino Promise Tour. It is already starting to feel like this song from EVITA, and we still have more than a year left of all these games:

By now, isn’t it obvious that Clinton’s actions should speak louder than her words? Remember her immigration views in 2008? Why change now? What has Clinton done for Latinos, specifically on the issue of immigration? Obama has been dubbed the Deporter in Chief with over 2 million deportations during his administration. Clinton, as is evidenced in the above videos, just seems to be going through the political motions now? Do you really think she suddenly had a genuine change of heart?

Last year, while Clinton told the world that she would send Central American kids back home, I spoke about the situation and said I would NOT send those kids back there under any circumstances. And I am a conservative. Yet there was Clinton in 2014—saying the exact opposite!

By now, I hope you can see how obvious Clinton, much like many other politicians, is simply trying to string us Latinos along. Same old promises, same old speeches and probably the same old devastating result. (Prediction: Sorry, nothing has happened yet on immigration. Hillary 2020!) I am pleased to see that some Latinos and Democrats alike are realizing what is truly happening.

Do any of you actually believe that Clinton cares about immigration? Her own words above indicate otherwise. If a GOP member came out with an announcement like hers, the Latino community would be rolling on the floor with laughter at the obvious attempt to win Latino votes. Why is it any different with Hillary Clinton?

What would Clinton do differently than Obama? Is she really good for Latinos?

By dangling the same Immigration Carrot that has been passed around by Democrats for years, Hillary is bringing nothing new to the debate, but we are already being told (in 2015) that if Latinos don’t vote for her… they have already betrayed the community like a bunch of Latino Judases. I call BS on that one. I only hope that the community can see through these pathetic attempts at manipulating votes in her favor. All politicians do it, but let’s choose the candidate who best meets the needs of the people, and not the ones with the most high profile DREAMer activists on their team.


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