White Riots vs. Black Protests: A New Video by BRAVE NEW FILMS

Jun 16, 2015
3:04 PM

The following video from Brave New Films just dropped on its Facebook page. The group has also started a petition calling for media to stop using racial bias in their reports.

White Riots VS Black Protests • BRAVE NEW FILMS

Ever notice how the mainstream media treats black protestors & white rioters differently? Using the term "thug" to describe black people, but "students" or "drunk people" when describing whites, shows that "thug" is the new, coded way of saying the n-word. STOP SAYING IT!SHARE to show how racial bias in reporting is purposefully trying to demonize the #BlackLivesMatter movement -and sign the petition to tell the racist media to stop calling black people "thugs"! http://bit.ly/1R1zlKPLIKE our page Brave New Films#RacismIsReal #Racism #Ferguson #Baltimore #FreddieGray #MikeBrownPS: Here is the link to the video on YouTube, for those that prefer a YouTube link: bit.ly/racist-media

Posted by Brave New Films on Tuesday, June 16, 2015