Jeb Bush Gets Awkward and Condescending When DREAMer Asks Him DACA Question

Jun 28, 2015
9:43 AM

Whatever happened to the “act of love” Jeb Bush when it comes to immigration? Yesterday at a Bush event in Las Vegas, DREAMer Erika Castro (one of six DREAMers who met Hillary Clinton earlier this year) had a chance to ask the Republican candidate his thoughts about Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

Mi Familia Vota, a national non-profit organization that promotes increased civic participation for U.S. Latinos, posted a cellphone video of Castro’s question. And Bush’s reaction. Which kind of speaks for itself.

Oh, you pesky kids, you—trying to hold a politician accountable. And did you love how the Bushistas wanted to walk away from Castro. The horror!