Undocumented Immigrants Last to Know About #FlintWaterCrisis (Of Course)

Jan 21, 2016
10:05 PM

As if the following local report from Flint would surprise you:

There are estimates that a group of people in Flint are not getting the supplies they need during this water emergency.

Perhaps as many as 1,000 are not going to water distribution centers, they’re not calling 211 and they’re not getting deliveries. It’s because they’re scared.

These people are undocumented immigrants living in Flint, mostly on the city’s east side.

It’s hard to imagine, but many of them weren’t even aware of lead in Flint’s water until a couple of weeks ago.

“One day I turned on the faucet and the water started coming out yellow,” said Lucia.

We have been hearing more and more reports that Flint is doing a miserable job in communicating this crisis to all its residents. In fact, we have actually Flint city services about about assistance in Spanish. They told us this, “You will need to translate on the phone.”

This local report seems to confirm that not every resident of the city is being made aware of the issue.