Jan Brewer’s #WTF Moment on MSNBC About Immigration

Mar 4, 2016
9:15 AM

The problem with Trumpmania these days is that the politically irrelevant voices of the past are showing up again in the mainstream. Take the case of former Arizona governor Jan Brewer, who appeared on MSNBC with Chris Hayes last night. At one point, Brewer was asked about immigration (of course) and why she has endorsed Donald Trump on this issue. Even when Hayes reminded Brewer that statistics continue to show that the country has seen a significant decrease in unauthorized entries into this country, Brewer told Hayes that she doesn’t believe in those numbers. Brewer also expressed the fear of a lost America, whatever that means.

And oh yeah, even though Brewer denounced David Duke and the KKK in one breath, she had problem siding with Duke when it came to building a border wall that Mexico will have to pay for.

WTF, Brewer.

Here’s the clip (take a minute to enjoy the facial expressions from Hayes):

Jan Brewer on MSNBC tonight. Chris Hayes' face says it all.

Posted by Latino Rebels on Thursday, March 3, 2016