‘Donald Trump, Build That Wall’ Chants Aimed at Black and Latina HS Soccer Players

Apr 12, 2016
9:05 AM

Another example of Donald Trump’s America reared its ugly head this week, as the following local report from Wisconsin’s WISC-TV explains. The original story can be accessed here and to be honest, do we really need to explain how wrong this is? Many thanks to the WISC-TV team for doing this story. It’s an important one.

"Donald Trump, Build That Wall" Chants at High School Soccer Game

The following video clip from WISC-TV / Channel 3000 features a local Wisonson high school coach who said that his black and Latina players experience slurs such as "Donald Trump, build that wall," during a game. The girls walked off the field. Original story is here: http://m.channel3000.com/news/district-investigating-racist-chants-directed-at-beloit-soccer-players/38950592

Posted by Latino Rebels on Tuesday, April 12, 2016