Avis Finally Responds to Why Customer Was Refused Service for Speaking Spanish

Jun 2, 2016
11:22 AM


Remember the May 4 story (May 4, people, almost a month ago) about the Facebook videos posted by Kayra M. Colón showing a woman at an Avis counter in Florida taking issue with the fact that Colon was speaking Spanish at the counter?

After we reached out to several departments at Avis and got no reply, we finally received a direct message on Twitter from @Avis on Thursday morning. This is what the Avis account told us:

We sincerely apologize that our PR team has not responded back to you. In this case, the customer has been contacted, given a complementary rental and the issue has been resolved. The location in question is a licensee and they are handling the situation on site so that this does not occur again. We appreciate your concern and would like you to know we do not tolerate discrimination of any kind here at Avis.