There Was an ‘Operation Taco Bowl’ Latinos for Trump Rally in Orange County This Weekend (VIDEO)

Aug 29, 2016
4:41 PM

Remember the Latino for Trump supporters we talked with a few months ago on Latino Rebels Radio? Some of them were at the “Operation Taco Bowl” rally this weekend in Anaheim. For the purposes of showing you what these Latino Trump supporters are saying these days, here is the full video of the rally, which according to The Los Angeles Times, “only about 50 to 60 Latinos and Caucasians turned out.”

And if you want to hear what a few of these supporters told us a few months ago (P.S., they were really angry at us), listen here:

FYI, why was the rally called “Operation Taco Bowl?” Because the supporters are claiming that the DNC email leaks referred to Latinos “taco bowls.” As we wrote this past summer, the email leaks did not. “Taco bowl engagement” referred to how Trump’s Cinco de Mayo fail of him eating a taco bowl pissed off so many Latinos that some Democrats wanted to take advantage of the backlash.

Apparently, it’s working. Trump’s Latino polling numbers are atrocious, and that’s before he couldn’t make up his mind about immigration.