The One Twitter Thread That Proves Trump Supporters Are Racist AF Against Latinos

Sep 28, 2016
9:45 PM

Can we just stop with the ridiculous notion that online Trump supporters are being misrepresented and are not racist at all? Seriously, all you need to do is check out this September 28 Twitter thread that started with the following from the always classy @JaredWyand:

Jared’s insightful “analysis” has led to tweet responses such as these racist nuggets:

But that is how is goes in the online world of Twitter Trump supporters, right? Have someone tweet ignorance and let the racism begin. It speaks for itself and anyone who says that Trump supporters are not racist against Latinos are lying. And any Latino out there who is supporting Trump and shrugging off tweets like these is just enabling that racism.

Simple as that.

Hit it, Gollum.