Our Favorite Latinx Twitter Responses to #ThatMexicanThing

Oct 5, 2016
4:07 PM

Since we have already discussed why Mike Pence’s #ThatMexicanThing moment had serious implications in this election, we wanted to lighten it up a bit and just share some of our favorite #ThatMexicanThing from Latinx Twitter.

Lalo Alcaraz starts it all off with a new Trump hat!

This profile tweeted a song. Yes, there’s already a song. It’s kind of simple but pretty catchy.

Another hat moment from Jerónimo (you know Jerónimo):

Here’s Patty!

Then there are these tweets from some familiar faces of Latinx Twitter:

Don’t forget these gems:

And while you are it, this video is making the rounds (via @maureen_galaviz) and suggests what you can as a response to Pence:

Suddenly, hashtags like #TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner and #NotMyAbuela seem so early 2016.