Imagine a World Without Sheriff Joe Arpaio (VIDEO)

Nov 4, 2016
8:30 AM

On Thursday, the BAZTA ARPAIO campaign, a group asking Arizona’s Maricopa County to vote Sheriff Joe Arpaio out of office on Election Day, posted the following ad on its Facebook site. It speaks of a world without Arpaio:

Imagine a world without fear.
Imagine a world where you can leave the house without worry.
Imagine a world where families are together.
Imagine a world without Arpaio.
Vote this November 8.

A late October poll shows Arpaio trailing his opponent, Paul Penzone, by 15 points. In 2012, Penzone lost to Arpaio by only six points, and that race had a third candidate who very likely messed Penzone’s chances to defeat the country’s self-proclaimed toughest sheriff. It also doesn’t help Arpaio that he was recently charged with criminal contempt by the feds.

And the love Maricopa County Latinos feel for Arpaio is none. Could this be the year Maricopa County says NO to Sheriff Joe? If you consider that Arizona leads the nation in the largest surge of Latinos voting early, Arpaio’s days could be numbered.