Watch How Michigan State Students Protested a Campus Visit From Donald Trump Jr. (VIDEO)

Nov 4, 2016
9:25 AM

The following video from shows a Wednesday protest of mostly Brown and Black Michigan State University students during a campus visit by Donald Trump, Jr.

The protest was organized by the Culturas de las Razas Unidas student group. According to, “Trump supporters who arrived late made several attempts to turn a nonviolent protest into the opposite by pushing and shoving. However, they did not succeed.”

In an email to Latino Rebels, one Latinx student told us this: “We are trying to gain support from across the country as we continue to fight for representation and safety at a university that only superficially (if at all) values Black and Brown bodies on their campus.”

Recently, MSU’s student government faced a social media controversy when it had invited Donald Trump (and other presidential candidates) to speak at the university.