Selected Más Mejor Videos to Be Featured at

Dec 12, 2016
9:41 PM


You probably don’t recall or even care than when Latino Rebels was founded in 2011, we actually started as a humor site, so comedy has always been part of what we do around here. So when we started taking with the good folks at Más Mejor about ways we can share more comedy on our site, we asked ourselves: why not just feature some selected videos from Más Mejor that we get to choose? So that’s what we’re doing because to be honest, we like the Más Mejor team (they are super nice!) and they are taking some risks on the comedy space.

This past week, we featured three videos that we liked. The first one —the history of Mexico set to music— felt different, and we can’t stop singing the song.

David Lopez’s Magic Trick might not be everyone’s taste, but we don’t care. Macabre humor gets us all the time.

And as much as we want to HATE Cholofit, we can’t. We just can’t. We kind of love.

So stay tuned for more videos, and as always, tell us what you think.