The Five Craziest Parts of the Whitefish Contract With Puerto Rico’s Power Authority

Oct 27, 2017
8:08 AM

On Thursday evening, news that the signed contract between Whitefish Energy Holdings, LLC and the Puerto Rico Power Authority (PREPA) started spreading online after Rafelli González of Caribbean Business uploaded the full document to the cloud. The contract will certainly be scrutinized by Congress and the Puerto Rican government, but in the interest of helping people do their jobs, here are five parts of the contract that are just ridiculous:

The Arrogance of This Clause

Did you catch that one? Nobody in any government capacity can audit how much Whitefish is charging or making. This is a public utility contract, people. Public money.

Buy Us Some Choppers?

We Pay in Just 10 Days

That one was for all the freelancers out there. How many times have you gotten money 10 days after you submit your work? How about never?

Setting Itself Up for Extra Work

Sorry, Feds, You Have No Say

If you want to read the entire contract, we uploaded it here:

Featured image (Public Domain)