Vote for the Latino Rebels 2018 #NoMames Award

Dec 17, 2018
10:52 PM

Hey, familia, it’s that time of year again. We need your vote for the 2018 #NoMames Award. (Don’t forget Rebelde of the Year, too) You have until December 30 to just vote for just one of the six nominees below. Yeah, it was a hard year, but somebody’s go to take it. (The direct link to the survey is HERE, but you can also complete it below.)

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If you need a refresher course, here are the links for the six nominees:

1. Why The Washington Post’s ‘White, and in the minority’ Story Is So Damn Dangerous

Screen grab from The Washington Post

2. Some White Dude in Midtown Manhattan Goes Ballistic Because (Gasp) People Were Speaking Spanish in Public

3. Telemundo Suspends Morning Host and Weatherperson for On-Air Racist Gestures During World Cup Coverage

4. Hollywood Acting Coach Lesly Kahn Suggests Jewish Actress Change Name to ROSA RAMIREZ and Be More ‘Latin’

5. Woman Who Threw Coffee at Latino Worker in Viral Video Has Been Identified

6. Idaho Elementary School Teachers Dress Up as Border Wall for Halloween

To all the nominees and all the others who made the #NoMames wall this year, hit it, Gollum: