Idaho Teachers Dressed as Border Wall Win the 2018 #NoMames Award

Dec 31, 2018
10:56 AM

In a year filled with so many possible winners, Latino Rebels fans have voted and selected the Idaho elementary school teachers as the winner of the 2018 #NoMames award.

Hundreds of votes took place online and through social media, and the teachers’ border wall Halloween costume easily took the award, earning 42 percent of the vote. The Washington Post’s “White and in the minority” story and the Manhattan man who went ballistic because people were speaking Spanish both tied for second place at 24 percent.

Th racist Telemundo morning show hosts finished in third at 5 percent, while the Hollywood acting coach who told a Jewish actress to change her name to ROSA RAMIREZ and the Los Angeles woman who threw hot coffee at a male Latino worker in viral video got 2 percent of the vote each.

Interestingly enough, if we decided to offer an ALL OF THE ABOVE option, it might have taken the top spot, based on what you told us.

“So many to choose from I think you nominate them invite them to the award show and don’t show up”

“All of them rightfully deserve a trophy ?????”