Ocasio-Cortez Wins the 2018 Rebelde of the Year

Dec 31, 2018
11:29 AM

Besides choosing the 2018 #NoMames Award (yes, Idaho teachers), Latino Rebels fans also voted for the 2018 Rebelde of the Year, and it wasn’t even close.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez easily took the honor with 55 percent of the vote. Hundreds of fans voted over the last week through an online poll and social media. It was AOC in a landslide, with the Caravanas Migrantes at 17 percent and the DACA Defenders at 16 percent. Edna Chávez, the Boycott Modelo movement and Alejandra Pablos all earned 4 percent of the votes.

Previous Rebelde of the Year winners include “Illegals Is Not a Noun,”  the DACA Defenders (yes, they have been nominated several times) and “Not My Abuela.”