UnidosUS Releases ‘Beyond the Border: Family Separation in the Trump Era’ Report

Mar 15, 2019
5:01 PM

On Friday, UnidosUS (formerly the National Council of La Raza) released a new report called “Beyond the Border: Family Separation in the Trump Era” during a panel discussion at the organization’s Washington, D.C. office.

According to a UnidosUS release, “the report provides a comprehensive look at the Trump administration’s systematic policy of family separations and attacks on our current legal immigration system and it’s widespread economic, health and educational impacts on many of our nation’s children. Millions of U.S.-citizen children are at risk of being separated from their parents every day because of these policies, in fact, by some estimates, between 4.1 million and 5.7 million U.S.-citizen children live with an undocumented resident, and about 475,000 U.S.-citizen children could be impacted if their parents lose legal protections under the DACA and TPS programs.”

The following is a Facebook live of the Friday panel discussion:

Here is the full report: