Latin America News Dispatch

Second Mass Shooting in Two Days Raises Alarms in Mexico

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador defended his militarized police force and blamed past administrations for Mexico’s chronic violence.

  • Oct 17, 2019
  • 12:01 PM

Mass Shooting in Puerto Rico Leaves 6 Dead, Governor Calls for Emergency Meeting

Sounds of what may be automatic weapon fire were widespread on social media.

  • Oct 16, 2019
  • 1:39 PM

Argentine Presidential Candidates Duel at First Public Debate

Front-runner Alberto Fernández and current President Mauricio Macri faced off over the state of the Argentine economy, past corruption scandals and a national debate over abortion legalization.

  • Oct 15, 2019
  • 12:40 PM

At Least Five Dead as Tensions Escalate in Ecuador Amid Fuel Crisis Protests

The Indigenous communities arrived in Quito earlier this week and have been protesting all over Ecuador due to Moreno’s decision to end government fuel subsidies.

  • Oct 11, 2019
  • 1:31 PM

Massive Indigenous March in Quito Demands Moreno’s Resignation

Violence among protesters has increased, and Quito is under curfew, where 570 people have been detained as of Tuesday.

  • Oct 10, 2019
  • 1:00 PM

Report Alleges US Pharma Companies Lure Mexicans Across Border to Donate Plasma

Thousands of Mexicans cross the border each week on temporary visas designed to allow people to shop or engage in transactions that don’t equate to “gainful employment,” according to ProPublica.

  • Oct 9, 2019
  • 1:00 PM

Protesters Shout U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Off Stage

UNITED STATES: At an annual immigration law and policy conference held at Georgetown University Law Center yesterday, immigration protesters shouted down acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan. McAleenan left the policy conference early, without speaking to protesters, after the crowd prevented him from speaking. This protest comes after the Trump administration’s cuts to asylum seekers, […]

  • Oct 8, 2019
  • 8:38 AM

Be Careful What You Witness For: Uribe Stands Trial in Colombia

The RadioLAND podcast for October 5, 2019.

  • Oct 7, 2019
  • 2:30 PM

Pope Calls for ‘Bold Solutions’ to Protect Amazon

The Amazon synod, as it is being called, is expected to be one of Pope Francis’ most controversial assemblies.

  • Oct 7, 2019
  • 1:23 PM

‘Green Tide’ Reaches Mexico as Oaxaca Decriminalizes Abortion

Abortion activists across Mexico were as shocked as the women at the state house when the news broke on social media.

  • Oct 7, 2019
  • 10:53 AM

Ecuador Declares State of Emergency Amid Protests Against Rising Fuel Costs

Under a state of emergency, several rights, including peaceful assembly and freedom of movement, will be temporarily suspended.

  • Oct 4, 2019
  • 12:09 PM

Trump Administration to Include Detained Migrants’ DNA in Criminal Database

Immigrant and privacy advocates believe the new rule raises privacy concerns that could result in more discrimination against migrants.

  • Oct 3, 2019
  • 2:00 PM

Peru’s Acting President, Named by Dissolved Congress, Resigns

For now, Martín Vizcarra remains in charge, with the support of the armed forces.

  • Oct 2, 2019
  • 2:06 PM

Peru’s President Vizcarra Dissolves Congress After Controversial Vote

Vizcarra’s move is part of his anti-corruption agenda, which has pitted him against the majority of lawmakers.

  • Oct 1, 2019
  • 1:00 PM

US Judge Blocks Child Detention Policy

The policy allowed children to be held indefinitely in immigration detention if they are with their parents.

  • Sep 30, 2019
  • 1:36 PM

Brazil Investigates Over 100 Oil Spills in Northeast

In a securities filing Wednesday, Petrobras said it had tested oil from each spill and has found that the oil does not match that produced in Brazil.

  • Sep 27, 2019
  • 2:32 PM

Trump Administration Pens New Asylum Deal With Honduras

The deal would prevent asylum seekers traveling through Central America from entering the United States.

  • Sep 26, 2019
  • 11:40 AM

Amid Call to Rearm, Ex-FARC Combatants Hesitate to Give up on Peace

When journalists called to ask him what this decision meant for him and thousands of other ex-combatants, Gonzalo Beltrán said he would remain on the side of peace. “We continue in the struggle, we continue to work,” he said he told reporters.

  • Sep 25, 2019
  • 3:02 PM

Bolsonaro, Trump Defend Policies in Speeches at UN General Assembly

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro opened the United Nations’ General Debate yesterday by defending Brazilian policy in the Amazon.

  • Sep 25, 2019
  • 1:30 PM

We Are the Walled: The Rights of Migrant Children in Mexico

The RadioLAND podcast for September 19, 2019.

  • Sep 25, 2019
  • 11:29 AM

Climate Breakdown Is Pushing Brazil’s Iconic Araucaria Tree to Extinction, New Research Finds

Araucaria trees have been revered for as long as humans have lived in southern Brazil’s highlands.

  • Sep 23, 2019
  • 4:38 PM