The “Your in America, Speak English” Twitter Fail

Ahh, Twitter. You're never boring (see how we wrote "You're" in that sentence?). This past week, several tweets began to demand the following: "Your in America, speak English." Of course, the irony of seeing the tweet misspelled was too good to be true. The very cool @BuzzFeedAndrew started letting Twitter know about the new thread, and we're (not were) glad he did:

The Twitter discovery of the bad English language police led to the creation of the greatest Twitter bot ever: @YourinAmerica. The profile fights bad English grammar, one ignorant tweet at a time:

Thank you, Captain America.

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LouiseDavies says:

If any of these ignorant Americans come to Wales I’m going to demand they speak Welsh. They can spend the next 2 weeks starving and lost.

latinorebels says:

Yes, @LouiseDavies!!!! Best offer ever! Cheers!

deja1890 says:

5th gen. multilingual American, but gave up on Welsh, just too hard! I love your suggestion@LouiseDavies