What Are Arizona Pols Drinking? AZ’s Secretary of State Says It’s “Possible” Obama Might Not Be on Ballot

May 18, 2012
4:16 PM

What is going on in Arizona these days? After the Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Cold Case Posse (you know, the Sheriff who got sued by the feds?) suggested that President Obama's birth certificate was a forgery, a report from the Phoenix New Times revealed that Arizona's Secretary of State Ken Bennett—a potential GOP candidate for the 2014 Arizona's governor's race—has indeed confirmed that he made a formal request to Hawaii to ask if they have President Obama's birth certificate on file. Yesterday, Bennett, who hasn't heard from Hawaii about the request in eight weeks, told an Phoenix talk show host that it's "possible" that the President's name would not be on the Arizona ballot.

You think we are just making this up? Listen to Bennett say it himself (full interview below, about 12 minutes). Bennett is claiming that Hawaii has yet to respond to his formal request after eight weeks. He did say that he could get an answer from Hawaii tomorrow and the whole thing can go away, but as Bennett says, "if they can't say yes to that very simple question it makes me wonder if we have to take it to another level. One way or the other we have to some simple verification that people are qualified for their office if their names are going to be on the ballot here in Arizona."

What is interesting and bizarre about all this is that after saying what he said, Bennett admits that he does not follow this formal process for any other elected office on the Arizona ballot, since the US president is the only one that requires a candidate to be a "natural born citizen." Then he proceeded to offer an explanation about other elected officials.

Bennett also admitted that he did not submit a formal request for other presidential candidates because he was taking advantage of Hawaii's process, which he believes it is different from other states. He did say that each presidential candidate did make a statement on nominating forms saying that they meet the requirements about their candidacy. Bennett was a bit unclear if he would ask for formal proposals about other candidates, but maybe he would. Who knows?

He continued:

If Hawaii can't or won't verify a very simple request, which is contemplated in their own state laws, that for other government officials in other states who have a need to know, just answer the question, yes, do you have a birth certificate for this guy? If they're not willing or can't do that, we might have some other thinking to do.

This is when Bennett said that it would be "possible" to exclude the President from the ballot or ask all the candidates to submit proof. He continued to say that he was trying to take advantage of Hawaii's law to verify that they have a birth certificate with them. Bennett also suggested that Hawaiian officials were tired of so many requests, and Bennett admitted that Hawaii has already posted such certificates on its website. But then Bennett kept emphasizing that his request was a formal request and that all Hawaii has to do is email him back with a yes, and he wondered why he hasn't heard anything in eight weeks. Bennett added:

I am just stunned that they are making this so hard.

Bennett also confirmed that the decision to keep Obama on the ballot or exclude him is his responsibility, but he also said that all the other candidates have to also follow the process.

Here is the full interview. You decide for yourself. As for you, #NoMames, Bennett. It is so clear what you are trying to do here. Hawaii has already released information about the President and your insistence that you need a simple "yes" answer is just a political game to win some Arizona birther support. Keep drinking what you all drink out there, Mr. Secretary, since you basically contradict yourself in your own explanation. You said that all presidential candidates have to submit a statement that they qualify to be on the ballot, but now you single out the President because some conspiracy theorist sent you an email. You make no sense. Sorry.

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