The ‘Shut Down All Ports’ Mexican Cartel Threat So Ridiculous, Even Breitbart Says #NoMames

Sep 23, 2014
9:53 AM

You know you have major problems when even the most sympathetic of outlets says you that your story is whack. That is exactly what Breitbart is telling the organizer of the silly “Shut Down All Ports of Entry” protest, which was suddenly cancelled in the early hours of September 20 because of a “bloodbath” threat by “cartels.”


Here’s what organizer Staysi Barth, who lists Murrieta, California, as her hometown, shared with Breitbart:

Cartel threatening mass bloodshed. One of the guys in Texas was followed into a Walmart, on the freeway, then approached at his hotel. At the same time, I got a bunch of requests to join the [Facebook] page from Sonora Mexico. I grabbed as many as I could, but realized it was getting out of control fast, and I didn’t want them to see who the attendees were. This is after it was requested that we avoid certain areas, because of the recent border threats, unrelated to us. The cartel has people at every port listed… waiting for us, so I was told.

After that statement, this is what Breitbart’s Michelle Moons wrote:

Along the way, event plans have met a number of obstacles, which raise the question of the “unsubstantiated” threat’s legitimacy. At one point, confusion ensued over whether or not the event was connected to the militia. That connection was quickly refuted. Whether the source of the “unsubstantiated threat” actually has any connection to cartels has also not yet been verified.

Meaning, let’s say it together… you got nothing. You would think people would have gotten the clue after a Murrieta-linked Border Convoy got exposed for false cartel claims this past summer.

Then there is this September 20 story from Nogales:

But while protesters were nowhere to be seen, local, state and federal law enforcement agencies were out in numbers in anticipation of possible disruptions to port traffic. A Nogales Police Department mobile command center, an NPD ATV and one patrol vehicle were parked north of the DeConcini port on Grand Avenue and, in the parking lot behind the Pimeria Alta Museum, about 10 marked NPD patrol vehicles, one DPS vehicle and two NPD motorcycles waited at the ready to respond to the planned civil disobedience.

Additionally, three marked Federal Protective Service vehicles were parked at the roundabout near the port of entry, including a K-9 unit. FPS agents present would not confirm if they were there to respond to the protest.

NPD’s Lt. Carlos Jimenez said the large police presence was merited because of how disruptive such a protest could have been. However, at about 8:15 a.m., Jimenez said he doubted anything significant would happen.

“The time has come and gone, so who knows,” he said. “We’ll be here and waiting, prepared.”

At 10 a.m., the decision was made to reduce NPD patrols in the area to their “normal” levels, Jimenez said. Despite the no-show, Jimenez said the cancelled protest still had an impact.

“A lot of people’s day just got disrupted. A lot of people were talking about this event,” he said, referring to those who believed the port would likely be closed down today and altered their plans accordingly.

By the way, the 1,4000-member Facebook group that shared all the information about the protest for the last month? It is no longer on Facebook. Also, everything on the protest’s main site has been scrubbed, except for Barth’s sudden decision to cancel the protest.