Boricua Twitter Schools the Ignorant About Another Winning Powerball from PR

Apr 19, 2015
5:53 PM

Here we go again. Last night, yet ANOTHER winning Powerball ticket was sold in Puerto Rico, and although you would think the U.S. mainlaind Twittersphere would have gotten the clue from the last time a winning ticket came from the island, it looks like one guy didn’t even register:


Guess Mike didn’t read this piece. Or this one. No worries. This time around, Twitter took him to task:

The response to @damoneyyy’s first tweet was so hardcore, he had to backtrack with this:

That didn’t seem to help:

By the way, @damoneyyy was not the only one who claimed ignorance:

John got this response:

Then there are these guys:

That’s ok, because for every one of these profiles, you have people who think this is all amazing news:

Each time someone in Puerto Rico wins the Powerball, a grigno commits hari kari.

Another Powerball winner in Puerto Rico: Colony 1 State 0.