The Musings of the Greatest Latino Rebels Troll Ever

Dec 20, 2016
3:23 PM

We are taking a break from the “serious” to take a moment and acknowledge that has one really loyal visitor to our site. We present the musings of our Greatest Troll Ever. Read and enjoy (or just shake your head). Greg Medina, we truly appreciate your visiting this site every f-ing day and even though you will never share a real photo of yourself (come on, share it!), we do want to thank you for engaging us on an almost creepy level that is also really cute. Anyway, here is Greg in all his unedited ranting from the last few days:

From The Urgent Need for Radical Courage (OPINION)
Nice cherry-picking…predictable hate-America-first, hate-honkey clap-trap…no surprises here…If you hate it all so much, why don’t you go to Mexico or Kenya? Oh, that’s right…not too many Starbucks for you to pose for selfies in front of your patron saint, their Mermaid logo…what a piece of work!

From Being Latinx at Cornell
Keep walking…nothing new here…just the predictable LatinX-lax clap-trap from the usual suspects…los payasos buscando su circo cosmico…or “co’mico”? Get a life or better yet a job. Be sure to mention how “oppressed” you were at Cornell when you interview for a job…believe me that interview will last nano-seconds…que chorro de buscones sin verguenza ni principio, dios mio!
P.S. Let me know if you need me to translate this into ghetto spanglish.

From Apparently Walter Mercado Is in a Mexican Commercial for Doritos? Meh
If pressed, I could come up with perhaps a dozen more “appetizing” celebrities that could conceivably be used as spokespersons for any food or snack…and Mr. Mercado would be NOWHERE near that list…I know, I know…I’m not being PC or pro-La Tino…so what…now go call him to hand-feed you grapes, dropping them one at a time into your mouth from his manicured, acrylic painted finger-nailed Sani-wiped digits…get the picture yet? Yummy enough now?

From Does Anyone Care if Trump Has No Latinos in Cabinet?
I think the bigger, more germane and more relevant question should be…
“is anyone concerned that he’ll have appropriately qualified people in his cabinet”….

…you know…people with credentials of success and a PROVEN track record of transferable skill sets that are in-line with the responsibilities inherent to the specific cabinet post

…in other words professionals who have a verifiable history of achieving success in areas that are at the least tangential to the specific post.

I don’t think he’s going to follow the Oblahblah plan…you know how that went…hire any generic one-size-fits-todo-el-mundo “La Tinos” whose surname ends in “ez” (Like Cuquito Perez, Chacho Gutierrez, Malinchita Gonzalez) or who has a loooooooooong history of hate-America-first-hate-honkey-no-borders-24/7 types with proven a track-record of hi$pandering, dancing with 3-legged Chihuahuas and whose claim to being “La Tino” includes NOT speaking Spanish, always being within arms reach when the call comes in to NPR…”Quick, we need a generic La Tino to………………(fill-in-the-blank) for the 6 o’clock news”…i.e. hug illegals, cry “racism” ’cause Taco Bell closed down one of their “restaurants” at some obscure truck-stop in Vermont…or has taught “La Tino Micro-Wave Tips For Dummies” at UC-Berkeley or UCLA.

I think Trump’s cabinet will be replete with over-achieving, getting-the-job-done, America-First, professionals who don’t measure “success” by how many The
Best of J-Low & Pit-Bull Concerts they attended or how many Selena-Look-A-Like Drag Queen Pagents they officiated or how many times they were parade marshalls at El Segundo’s 12y/o Virgin Beauty Queen Competitions.

No, I don’t think Trump will be installing any Oblahblah-style La Cucaracha-dancing tokens anytime soon.

We’ve had 8 years of those knee-jerky “quick-find-me-a-la-tino” to cut a ribbon in front of the newest Chi-Chi’s appointments.

Wow……….won’t that be a refreshing change for once!

And I’m certain that his Cabinet hires will certainly be “brimming” with talents above and beyond which Ethniciyt/Race box they checked on the last Census.

From White House ‘Declines to Comment’ on Online Oscar López Rivera Petition
For starters, let’s deal with FACTS…the “White House” DID NOT decline to comment…buildings do not speak, nor do the White House Trees, fountains or toilets!

Oblahblah DECLINED to comment…which he has done for EIGHT YEARS now!

Remember to him, one “La Tino” is the same as the next.

He couldn’t care less about political, ethnic, cultural or racial differences.

And as you ALL know well, Oblahblah is very busy admitting unvetted Syrian Muslim refugees that have ALREADY been denied entry into numerous more discriminating nations around the world. Never mind that they are rife with communicable diseases, not the least of which is Typhoid and Tuberculosis. And then of course he’s currently on yet ANOTHER one of his 6-week MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR vacation junkets to Hawaii which will bring the total spent on these wastes-of-money to the 100 MILLION dollar mark…while the unemployment lines have grown longer, the food-stamp lines longer and he and the “girls” are getting herbal massages to find relief from their busy schedules of signing autographs and ordering from the Williams-Sonoma catalog.

He is also busy granting clemency to every steel-toothed negro drug-dealer, pimp and other “no victim” felons he can yank the prison door open for.

And then of course he also is busy entertaining ass-hanging-out-their-pants, rappers, Beyonce and of course there is Oprah, Maya and Tiger to feed in the State Dining Room.

He has once again stiffed the “La Tino” lemmings and you still don’t see you have been had.

Meanwhile a gentle elderly man of dignity, principle and conviction (whatever his crime) is held behind bars while black thugs are escorted out on red-carpets and into limousines.