The Top 10 2017 Stories From Latino Rebels

Dec 31, 2017
1:03 PM

It was another fantastic year for Latino Rebels, even as we go through some changes and have big news to share soon (stay tuned!). Anyway, we just want to take a moment and thank all of our Latino Rebels readers, as well as our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube followers for your support. And oh yeah, all you Latino Rebels Radio fans! THANK YOU AGAIN! In the meantime, here were our 10 most popular stories of 2017.

Why People Should Just Pause for a Minute and Not Blindly Celebrate 84 Lumber’s Immigration Ad


KKK Member to Univision Anchor Ilia Calderón: ‘To Me, You’re a N**ger’


News Report: 91.2% of All Americans Who Live in Mexico Are Living There Illegally [UPDATED]


Tucker Carlson on Puerto Rico: Why Would It Be Good For America to Absorb a Third-World Country Into US?


After Rep. Steve King Mocks Latina on Twitter, She Visits His DC Office and Facebook Lives It


With Puerto Rico Playing USA in WBC Final, Time to Check Out American Cluelessness About PR


Alex Michael Ramos, Who Identifies as Puerto Rican, Is Called One of Deandre Harris’ Charlottesville Attackers


A Message From the Latinas Who Made the ‘White Girl, Take OFF Your Hoops’ Mural


The Cruelest Storm: A Statement for Puerto Rico


Why I Chose to Not Be Latinx