HBO’s ‘The Garcias’ Takes on Latinx Representation in Finale (REVIEW)

The series is an HBO reboot of a 20-year-old Nickelodeon show, ‘The Brothers Garcia,’ that the current show’s team bills as “the first English-language sitcom to have an all Latino cast and creative team.”

  • May 12, 2022
  • 1:25 PM

Denver Students Plan Walkout in Support of Outspoken Chicano Teacher (OPINION)

The removal of a beloved and outspoken Chicano teacher at Denver’s North High School has the community, already beset by gentrification, upset. Students have planned a walkout for Friday, May 13.

  • May 11, 2022
  • 11:47 AM

Cinco de Fallo

Latino Rebels Radio: May 5, 2022

  • May 5, 2022
  • 2:01 PM

Discovering a New Identity: The Journey of an International Adoptee (OPINION)

A name contains so much. But what if one person has two sets of names — two first names and two surnames? How do that shape one identity?

  • May 4, 2022
  • 3:13 PM

Amazon’s ‘Undone’ Gets Being a Mixed Latina Exactly Right (REVIEW)

‘Undone’ brings nuance and humor to modern characters with Anglo and Latin roots without ever questioning their authenticity in either space — a powerful break from the narrative of difference and less-than we normally see.

  • May 2, 2022
  • 2:30 PM

How Important Is the Spanish Language to Latine Identity? (OPINION)

When the United States government and Latine organizations first began using the term “Hispanic” in the 1970s, they attempted to bring together people from disparate Latin American countries living in different parts of the U.S. To do this, they created a general identity, and central to that identity was the language that united Latin America. […]

  • Apr 27, 2022
  • 12:38 PM

Brazilian Latinoness and the Pursuit of Cultural Identity in the US (OPINION)

SÃO PAULO, Brazil — In my high-school English language class in São Paulo, our teacher Agnaldo once raised the question of whether Brazilians saw themselves as “Latino” or not. After some lively discussion, Agnaldo informed us that, in the U.S., we would be seen as Latinos. This came as a surprise to many of my […]

  • Apr 25, 2022
  • 2:20 PM

Chisme: An Ancestral Language (A Latino USA Podcast)

Latino USA fellows Elisa Baena and Monica Morales-García travel deep into a chismosa’s universe. In this episode, they ask: Why is chisme so addicting? What’s chisme’s relationship to power? And does it do more to build or destabilize communities?

  • Apr 22, 2022
  • 10:19 AM

Long Live Punk

Latino Rebels Radio: March 31, 2022

  • Mar 31, 2022
  • 4:25 PM

Mala Muñoz, Marijuanera

Latino Rebels Radio: March 24, 2022

  • Mar 24, 2022
  • 4:53 PM

Emilio Delgado, Luis on ‘Sesame Street’ for 45 Years, Dies

Emilio Delgado, the actor and singer who for 45 years was a warm and familiar presence in children’s lives and a rare Latino face on American television as fix-it shop owner Luis on “Sesame Street,” died Thursday.

  • Mar 12, 2022
  • 12:20 PM

Can the Oscars Fix Their Latinx Problem With Nick Barili’s ‘SEEN’?

Argentinian American journalist Nick Barili wants Latinx Hollywood icons to “get their flowers” now, as he recently told Latino Rebels. That’s why he created the web series ‘SEEN’ to highlight Latinx talent, distributed by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

  • Mar 11, 2022
  • 11:05 AM

Besties Forever

Latino Rebels Radio: March 10, 2022

  • Mar 10, 2022
  • 5:01 PM

With ‘Promised Land,’ Matt Lopez Is Representing Latinidad on ABC (REVIEW)

With the recent cancelation of Gentefied (and seemingly every other Latinx show), there’s a lot of pressure on ABC’s new ‘Promised Land,’ a primetime, network drama featuring Mexican American characters, played by Hispanic actors, and created and run by Matt Lopez.

  • Feb 7, 2022
  • 2:28 PM

‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ From Disney’s ‘Encanto’ Passes ‘Let It Go’ on Billboard Chart

“We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” the hit song —well, one of them, anyway— from Disney’s 2021 hit movie ‘Encanto,’ is now the highest-charting Disney’s song in over 26 years, according to tracking data released by Billboard.

  • Jan 19, 2022
  • 1:12 PM

Nava Mau on Latino Rebels Live

In our debut live show from #LosAngeles, Latino Rebels hosts Julio Ricardo Varela and Melinna Bobadilla welcome Nava Mau to talk about storytelling, acting and Nava’s groundbreaking role as Ana in HBO Max’s “Genera+ion.”

  • Jan 16, 2022
  • 9:38 PM

Netflix Cancels ‘Gentefied’ After Two Seasons

Praised for its authentic depiction of Latinos, the second season, which aired on November 10 of last year, never broke into Netflix’s Top 10 list. But the show’s creators, Marvin Lemus and Linda Yvette Chávez, as well as executive producer America Ferrera, all have projects in the works.

  • Jan 14, 2022
  • 5:28 PM

‘Running With the Rebels’: Pulitzer Prize-Winning Latino Journalist Tells His Story

Then, as now, American journalists were overwhelmingly Euro-Americans, or we can say, simply middle-class white people, who grew up with the privileges afforded to those who lived in mainstream America. They could not see the world as I did.

  • Jan 12, 2022
  • 12:08 PM

What Latino Health Research Says About ‘Encanto’

Family is beautiful and keeps you healthy, but it can also make you sick.

  • Jan 5, 2022
  • 1:40 PM

Latinx Community Should Show Up for Grasie Mercedes’ ‘Grand Crew’ (REVIEW)

“Right now in Hollywood, there are so many Latinos who are doing it, making shows and are showrunners. But they’re almost all white Latinxs,” Mercedes tells Latino Rebels. “Indigenous and Black Latinxs (need) the opportunity to develop their own shows (so it’s) not always the same experience that we see.”

  • Jan 4, 2022
  • 10:51 AM

Undocumented and LGBTQ (Part 13): Disabilities

Latino Rebels Radio, December 30, 2021

  • Dec 30, 2021
  • 1:51 PM

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