When a Puerto Rican Wins the Powerball

When a Puerto Rican wins the Powerball, it’s time to invoke the second amendment and load our guns. That is the message that went out when a $564 million Powerball lottery was held on February 11 and one of the three winning tickets was sold in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Almost immediately, Latino Rebels reported a national spate of offensive tweets, which were soon picked up global outlets such as NBC News, Buzzfeed and The Daily Mail, to name a few. Some of the more memorable ones:

“It’s completely outrageous someone from Puerto Rico won the Powerball, thought this was America!”

“Puerto Rico won the Powerball? Thanks, Obama.”

“Since when could you win a Powerball jackpot in Puerto Rico? Don’t they use the Euro as currency?”

Other tweets were written in language too offensive, or grammatically inept, to print. The legality of Powerball in Puerto Rico is beyond question: the island is a U.S. territory, and its inhabitants are U.S. citizens. But the animus behind these tweets —particularly the unprintable ones— indicates a fundamental misunderstanding of the relationship between Puerto Rico and the U.S.


Let’s try to correct that.

The U.S. “liberated” Puerto Rico from Spain in 1898. Later that same year, Hurricane San Ciriaco destroyed thousands of the island’s farms and nearly the entire year’s coffee crop. Of 50 million pounds, only five million were saved.

American hurricane relief was bizarre. The U.S. government sent no money.  Instead, the following year it outlawed all Puerto Rican currency and declared the island’s peso, whose international value was equal to the  U.S. dollar, to be worth only sixty American cents. Every Puerto Rican lost 40% of his or her money overnight.

In 1901, the U.S. passed the Hollander Act, which raised the taxes on every farmer in Puerto Rico.

With higher taxes, crippled farms, and 40% less cash, the farmers had to borrow money from U.S. banks. But with no usury law restrictions, interest rates were so high that within a decade, the farmers defaulted on their loans and the banks foreclosed on their land.

The U.S., which was undergoing its industrial revolution, then turned a diversified island harvest (coffee, tobacco, sugar, and fruit) into a one-crop, cash-cow economy.

By 1930, all of Puerto Rico’s sugar farms belonged to 41 syndicates. 80% of these were U.S.-owned and the largest four syndicates —Central Guánica, South Puerto Rico, Fajardo Sugar and East Puerto Rico Sugar— were entirely U.S.-owned and covered over half the island’s arable land.

With no money, crops or land, Puerto Ricans sought work in the cities. When the Puerto Rican legislature enacted a minimum-wage law like the one in America, the U.S. Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional. This decision was reached despite AFL-CIO President Samuel Gompers’ testimony that “the salaries paid to Puerto Ricans are now less than 50% what they received from the Spanish.”

To make matters worse, U.S. finished products —from rubber bands to radios— were priced 15% to 20% higher on the island than the mainland. Again, Puerto Rico was powerless to enact any price-fixing legislation.

Today, U.S. federal agencies control Puerto Rico’s foreign relations, customs, immigration, postal system, radio, TV, transportation, Social Security, military, maritime laws, banks, commerce, currency and defense. That’s without the people of Puerto Rico having a vote in U.S. elections.

The U.S. did give Puerto Ricans one gift. Over the objection of the Puerto Rican legislature, Puerto Ricans were declared U.S. citizens in 1917, just in time for military conscription into World War I.

For decades, the extent of military control over the island was particularly striking. No one could drive five miles in any direction without running into an Army base, nuclear site or tracking station. The Pentagon controlled 13% of Puerto Rico’s land and operated five atomic missile bases.

The island of Vieques, after 62 years of non-stop bombing, resembled an asteroid more than an island. From 1984 through 1998, over 1,300 warships and 4,200 aircraft used the island for target practice, and pounded it with 80 million pounds of ordnance. In 1998 alone, 23,000 bombs were dropped on Vieques.

In 2014, the U.S. Congress finally recognized the 65th Infantry Regiment —also known as the Borinqueneers for their service in every U.S. conflict since World War I. In Korea, Vietnam and Iraq, this service meant disproportionately high casualties and deaths, since the Borinqueneers were frequently – and sometimes maliciously – assigned to the front lines. The Borinqueneers received the Congressional Gold Medal for the blood they spilled, while defending America.

It is thus clear that when a Puerto Rican pays for a lottery ticket and manages to win, that person has nothing to be ashamed about. They are not a second-class lottery winner… or a second-class citizen.

It is equally clear that the U.S. public education system has some serious holes in it, when a nation so sadly misunderstands eight million of its own citizens.


Nelson A. Denis is a former New York State Assemblyman and author of the upcoming book, War Against All Puerto Ricans.

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Yatusabes says:

Clean up & shut up! While I continue to circulate my currency to keep you protected from your own ignorance & idiotic statements views.

Legna627 says:

I like this and it is true what you saying and they are doing the same to Puerto Rico. But what goes around comes around. I just got back from Puerto Rico 3 days ago. Most of its are uneducated about what a beautiful island we have. The youth don’t see or protect what we have.

lucianoortizcruz says:

Raul do not know that Puerto Rico exists, where it exists and the relationship with USA.

lucianoortizcruz says:

Raúl and many US citizens do not know that Puerto Rico exists, where it exists and the relationship with USA. Raúl and US citizens do not know the history of Puerto Rico and the US colonial relationship with the island. They do not know the different contributions of Puerto Ricans to his nation, from WWI to Afghanistan, economics, arts, sports, education, health, etc. They do not know that Puerto Ricans are US citizens, fight in their wars and pay federal taxes. They do not know that Puerto Ricans are not entitled to vote for the President of USA. No representation no taxation. But do pay federal taxes and much more than you may know. Do not bother with my English, I speak, write, read and understand it as a third language, because I have no need for it as a first language.

VictoriaRivasEstronza says:

Pure awesomeness!

lucianoortizcruz says:

GilbertFlorens lucianoortizcruz Lagueadisima LuisVazquez El echo que los españoles cunado llegaron a
nuevo continente e impusieran su idioma si así lo queremos llamar y no
entendiera el idioma de los nativos, no quiere decir que el idioma de los
nativos fuera inferior que el de los españoles. Pues si no tenían necesidad de
tener una palabra para definir un concepto que no existía para ello eso no lo
hace inferior o ausente de vocablo o contextos.

GilbertFlorens says:

lucianoortizcruz Lagueadisima LuisVazquez  No es dificil imponer un idioma cuando uno es superior al otro…en historia, en palabras, en conceptos, en escritura, en libros, en fin que el idioma de los indigenas no estaba escrito, que muchas de las palabras que usarian en el future tendrian que haber sido tomadas prestadas del espanol de todas formas pq a lo sumo los indios tainos solo sabian o tenian palabras para describer su primitiva forma de vida….era solo natural que un idioma dominara al otro…este romanticism que se tiene con los indios tainos tiene que acabar….los espanoles si estuvieron en Guerra con los indios tainos pero se mezclaron con ellos y el genoma Boricua lo demuestra, las enfermedades que trajeron de Europa diezmaron a muchos de ellos, asi es la raza humana…aun asi es mucho mejor que lo que hizo EU que entrado el siglo XX se enfrasco en guerras para masacrar los indios y quitarles sus tierras y plasmarlo orgullosamente en peliculas…el mismo general Miles que vino vendiendo democracia a PR despues de la invasion de 1898 fue el autor condecorado de la massacre de los indios Sioux en 1891

GilbertFlorens says:

LuisVazquez  Su apellido es por imposicion? Vazquez….espanol….no quiero pensar que todo fue impuesto en su familia y que sus padres le impusieron el espanol a usted

MiguelAngelDiaz says:

AnnieRodriguezAlamo MiguelAngelDiaz  Nice and well said.

lucianoortizcruz says:

Raul Castillo no longer have arguments to defend their position and now wants to find another argument to tarnish what being Puerto Rican.

MiguelAngelDiaz says:

The Irish are much worst but still we embrace them or any other culture that accepts us. And no one leaves so your just spreading lies. We are superior to your dying type and within your death throws you just want to go out with a bang using the Puerto Ricans. Too bad you lost.Your just to dumb to realize this. A tip… Buy a rope, your smart you can figure out the rest.

Rambo3670 says:

Raul Castillo What an obnoxious moron you are, Mr. Raul Castillo. First go learn the real facts about the Puerto Rican parade and then memorize them well. Then go teach them to your children so they will grow up to be productive citizens and given them a chance to break the perpetual moronic cycle that seems to crown your ignorance. The subject here is the Powerball!!! – not the Puerto Rican Day parade. What a stupid moron!

Raul Castillo says:

Did you know that on Puerto Rican pride day in NYC, locals flee the city as to not be subjected to the obnoxiousness that comes so naturally to them. They are loud, dirty, violent, often high or on drugs, and urinate / dedicate in the streets. They can all go to hell.

Rambo3670 says:

lucianoortizcruz Raul Castillo
In summary, the chart “Flujo
de Dinero Entre EE. UU. y Puerto Rico: En Millones de Dolares” shows that
in the exchange of funds between the two countries Puerto Rico ends us paying
the US Treasury a net yearly balance of $43 billions – yes, “billions” with ‘b’;
that is, $43,000 millions every year.
Those $43,000 millions/yr come to $118 millions daily, which
represents approximately the amount that the Puerto Rican who bought
the lotto ticket in Barrio Coto Laurel, Ponce, won in that Powerball game.
Read that again:
Puerto Rico deposits a net $118 million EVERY DAY into the US Treasury.

lucianoortizcruz says:

Raul Castillo

lucianoortizcruz says:
sonlarc says:

Raul you need to learn how to do research……if anything Puerto Ricans have always made contributions to this country! Further more for your information PR graduate high school and college is over 50% on the island! You much be South America, Central America, Dominican Republic, Cuba, or Mexico. …..cause when people like you speak that way is because they are haters cause you all need A Green Card or Visa to come to America and WE DONT! THAT MAKE A LOT OF PEOPLE REALLY MAD.
THAT is the problem with Hispanics/ Latinos if we all got along we could be a great force!
Further more you people d on like PR but when you want to become an American you marry a Puerto Rican…..then we are good enough……..PR suffered racism long before your kind. We have faught……the battles for you to enjoy a country where you can have running water, toilet, sewer, and a house with a roof top. So check your resources brother cause you are way off……..OH AND DONT COME BACK SAY ING YOU ARE PR JUST TO COVER YOUR STUPIDITY! Because if you were PR you would have known your facts and figures. So check yourself cause you just made your kind look stupid!un

Rambo3670 says:

SandraLopez1 Rambo3670 NormaRosado No one is saying that Puerto Ricans do or do not do well in their learning of English nor has any implications about being ashamed been made, etc. Of course Puerto Ricans have A LOT to be proud of !!! What is being said is: In Belize people learn English at an early age, in South Africa people learn English at an early age, in the Philippines people learn English at an early, in Canada people learn English at an early age, but when official studies show that in Puerto Rico people are not fluent in English we don’t go around stating that in Puerto Rico people LEARN English at an early age. Teaching English from an early age and actually learning it are two different things and the documents above show that. Picking out specific cases, such as Sandra’s or Norma’s does nothing to prove that in “Puerto Rico people learn English at an early age.” It’s a fact that in Puerto Rico English is taught from a very early age; it is NOT a fact that in Puerto Rico people learn English at an early age. We don’t need to confuse the two and continue to perpetuate a myth that lives on, but which is contrary to researched reality. Viva Puerto Rico!!

SandraLopez1 says:

Rambo3670 NormaRosado Yes, most people in PR learn English at an early age; it may not be perfect, or most of us  may not be fluent or speak very good English, but that is just because we only learn it at school and we don’t practice conversational English on a daily basis, because we speak Spanish, but still, many of us manage when we move to the mainland or enroll in the Army, etc.  In my personal case, my English is entirely learnt at PR public schools as I have never lived in the mainland and it is not that bad, actually, plus it has come very handy when I moved more than 10 years ago to Europe.  PR people has nothing to be ashamed of, there are good and bad low life people in every country in the world, and if we were to look at percentages, we haven’t done that bad, at all.  With all our limitations (political, financial, etc) we have turned out just about right and we enjoy (or suffer, depends on your point of view) an unique situation with benefits and obligations but most of all, we don’t have to justify ourselves, or feel less than nobody else in the world because if something, we are so much more than others!

AdrianEstebanRuiz says:

First of all, American owned superstores and enterprises have all dominated the local industries. Federal gov. Aprox… $70,000,000,000 comes from Puerto Rico through different branches. How much do you think the feds give to PR? Secondly, what type of mental illness? Post dramatic stress disorder, bipolarity, depression. It seems to me that have US States have had more massacres, lynchings, and suicides than puerto Rican population. They might have 1/5 child deaths due to racial, and drug violence in white and black America. I’m not saying there aren’t lazy and obnoxious ones but to generalize over all… maybe you should educate yourself as to what the fed. Gov actually does down here.

Rambo3670 says:

LuisVazquez  Actually, Puerto Ricans born in Puerto Rico are lower class citizens than  Americans born in the US mainland or than Puerto Ricans born in the US mainland. This stems from the fact that PR-born Puerto Ricans are citizens via an Act of Congress (Jones–Shafroth Act, 1917) and not via Article 14th of the US Constitution. Since an Act of Congress can be reversed by another Act of any future Congress and yet Article 14th of the US Constitution can only be changed through the Ratification of a new Constitution (i.e., an Amendment) via approval of 2/3 of the 50 states of the Union, citizenship via a statutory change (that is, via Congressional Act) results in a different, lower if you will, type of citizenship. In a sense a Constitutional citizen is a permanent US citizen whereas a statutory (i.e., Jones-Shafroth Act) is a temporary US citizen – one whose citizenship ends when a future Congress decides to end it. So, in effect, the PR-born Puerto Rican is a second class citizen despite all the talk about being “a natural born US citizen”. In fact, someone from another country (example, Colombia, Canada, Uganda) who has become a US citizen via the naturalization process has achieved a higher degree of US citizenship than a PR-born Puerto Rican because, unlike the US citizenship of PR-born Puerto Ricans, such naturalized citizen’s US citizenship is also permanent given than it results from Artcile 14th of the Constitution (and cannot be taken away) and not from an Act of Congress. This also means that for a PR-born Puerto Rican to have the assurance of a “permanent” US citizenship status, he needs to become a Naturalized US citizen.

Rambo3670 says:

“Most people in Puerto Rico LEARN English at an early age”???
Really??? Can you cite your sources? How about if I told you that official
studies show just the opposite?….: Per US Govt as well as independent research, various surveys have found that the
majority of Puerto Ricans are “not fully fluent” in English.(http://www.nydailynews.com/latino/espanol/2009/02/25/2009-02-25_se_discrimina_al_usar_el_ingls_en_alguno-2.html
y http://factfinder.census.gov/servlet/NPTable?_bm=y&-geo_id=04000US72&-qr_name=ACS_2009_5YR_G00_NPPR01&-ds_name=&-redoLog=false)
and also the 2000 US Census found that 71.9% of people in Puerto Rico spoke
English “less than very well.” Look, “not fully fluent” and “less than very well”
aren’t synonymous with your “LEARN English at an early age”, are they?

Rambo3670 says:

Raul Castillo
What an utter ignorant this Mr. Raul Castillo is! The reason
that scholarly article doesn’t mention your stupid argument is because it is
not true. And his words are a reflection of the utter ignorance of the bulk
majority of Americans who, political indoctrination since elementary school,
know nothing but to repeat the same stupidity he is repeating here.
Facts: Puerto
Rico is a separate taxing entity from the USA and its income tax rates are
set independently. As a result of tax laws – both federal and state – only some
residents of Puerto Rico there pay federal income taxes (http://www.gao.gov/products/GAO-06-541),
but this is, of course, the same situation as in the US mainland where only some residents
pay federal income taxes.
In addition to these federal income taxes paid by some Puerto
Ricans, every Puerto Rican in Puerto Rico must still pay all other federal
taxes: customs taxes – which are subsequently returned to the Puerto Rico
Treasury –(http://www.doi.gov/oia/Islandpages/prpage.htm
), import/export taxes (http://stanford.wellsphere.com/healthcare-industry-policy-article/puerto-rico/267827
), federal commodity taxes (http://stanford.wellsphere.com/healthcare-industry-policy-article/puerto-rico/267827
), social security taxes (http://www.irs.gov/taxtopics/tc903.html%20IRS.gov ), etc.
Puerto Rican pay federal payroll taxes, such as Social
Security taxes (http://www.irs.gov/taxtopics/tc903.html%20IRS.gov) and Medicare (http://www.reuters.com/article/healthNews/idUSTRE58N5X320090924
), as well as, of course, Commonwealth
of Puerto Rico income taxes (http://www.puertorico-herald.org/issues/2003/vol7n19/USNotInnocent-en.html
and http://www.htrcpa.com/businessinpr1.html%20HTRCPA.com). Also, all Puerto Rico federal employees (http://www.heritage.org/research/taxes/wm2338.cfm),
Puerto Ricans or Puerto Rican businesses doing business with the federal
government (http://www.mcvpr.com/CM/CurrentEvents/CEOsummitarticle.pdf),
Puerto Rico-based corporations that intend to send funds to the U.S. (http://www.jct.gov/x-24-06.pdf , p.
9, # 1), and some others (such as Puerto Ricans that are members of the U.S.
military, {http://www.heritage.org/research/taxes/wm2338.cfm
} and Puerto Ricans who earned income from sources outside Puerto Rico, {http://www.jct.gov/x-24-06.pdf , pp
14-15}) must also pay federal income taxes.
As if this federal tax brutality wasn’t enough, because the
cutoff point for income taxation is lower per Puerto Rican state law than the
cutoff point in the U.S. per the U.S. IRS code, and because the per-capita
income in Puerto Rico is much lower than the average per-capita income on the
mainland, more Puerto Rico residents pay income taxes to the local taxation
authority than if the IRS code were applied to the island. This occurs because
“the Commonwealth
of Puerto Rico government
has a wider set of responsibilities than do U.S. State and local governments.”
Furthermore, residents of Puerto Rico
pay into the Social Security, and thus Puerto Ricans are eligible for Social
Security benefits upon retirement. However, Puerto Ricans are excluded from the
Supplemental Security Income (SSI). That is, Puerto Rico residents, unlike
residents of the 50 States, do not receive the SSI (http://www.socialsecurity.gov/OP_Home/handbook/handbook.21/handbook-2114.html),
and Puerto Rico actually receives less than 15% of the Medicaid funding it
would normally receive if it were a U.S. state. However, Medicare
providers in Puerto Rico receive less-than-full state-like reimbursements for
services rendered to beneficiaries in Puerto Rico
even though the latter paid fully into the system (http://www.prfaa.com/news/?p=252 ).
In general, many federal social welfare programs have been extended to Puerto
Rican residents, although usually with caps inferior to those allocated to the
states. (Sanford
Levinson and Bartholomew H. Sparrow. “The Louisiana
Purchase and American Expansion: 1803-1898.” New York: Rowman and Littlefield Publishers.
2005. p.167 and, for a greater coverage of federal programs made extensive to
Puerto Rico, see Richard Cappalli’s “Federal Aid to Puerto Rico” (1970)).
Further yet, it has also been estimated that, because the
population of the Island is greater than that of 50% of the States (http://www.eagleforum.org/column/2007/mar07/07-03-28.html),
if it were a state, Puerto Rico would have six
to eight seats in the House, in addition to the two seats in the Senate. (http://www.eagleforum.org/column/2007/mar07/07-03-28.html
, http://www.crf-usa.org/bill-of-rights-in-action/bria-17-4-c.html
) and (http://www.thomas.gov/cgi-bin/cpquery/?&sid=cp1109rs5H&refer=&r_n=hr597.110
,”House Report 110-597 -Puerto Rico Democracy Act of 2007.”).
Another misconception is that the import/export taxes collected
by the U.S. on products
manufactured in Puerto Rico are all returned
to the Puerto Rico Treasury. This is not the case. Such import/export taxes are
returned *only* for rum products, and even then the US Treasury keeps a portion
of those taxes (“House Report 110-597 – Puerto Rico Democracy Act of 2007”.)
In addition, the Commonwealth
of Puerto Rico also pays into
the US Treasury as a country/territory. For example, in 2009, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico paid $3.742 billion into the
US Treasury(http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-soi/09db05co.xls
IRS Gross Collections, by Type of Tax and State, Fiscal year 2009.)
So, Mr. Ignorant Know-it-All Raul Castillo, now that you
know the facts do yourself a favor and teach them to your children so they can
grow a bit more capable than his daddy.

AnnieRodriguezAlamo says:

MiguelAngelDiaz Miguel, this one it’s just another “hater” that wish he could be us!!!

ctrini1949 says:

Were United Citizen ?…….Then why do our folks on the Island can not vote for President….? Why isn’t there no representative with a vote in the House of Senate?…..But yet we have been in American Wars since WW1..What your article omits to say we are a “Colony of the United States ” with limited powers of self government…Less then given to Micronesia…We need change..

ktine426 says:

luckypzz Raul Castillo  “maybe you and your family are illegal in this country and hate to accept that Puertorican are americans.”

Dont play into his/her trolling, they’re more than likely not even hispanic. Dont play into their racism.

identidad says:

Would you so kindly expose and reference the study, paper or website your “facts” come from?? Puerto Rico is one island The United States of America is formed by 50 states some bigger than our little island. Regards and have a nice day…!

MiguelAngelDiaz says:

SandraLopez1 HectorHSanchez Raul Castillo  Sandra we are better than this, do not pay mind to this mindless fool, it is obvious he has no life or worth in life than to try and bring people down with him, ignore the troll and it will go away.

SandraLopez1 says:

HectorHSanchez Raul Castillo lol, maybe he also read the article about the perfect human being Puertorican and cant deal with the envy! We are indeed God’s gift to humanity and we can even win the lotto!!!

SandraLopez1 says:

Raul Castillo and still, one of us managed to win the lotto!!!

SandraLopez1 says:

Raul Castillo Have you read the article???? We have paid taxes in advance, enough to pay in this life and the next, and that’s the only reason the US government is ‘so good’ to us.

Jeffrey Ray says:

My comment is for all US Citizens and al the  School Districts in the Main Land USA.  Puerto Rico as a Settlement it is the Oldest settlement under the US Flag.  US  was colonized by a myriad of Ethnic Groups. The same movement arrived to Puerto Rico and still coming. Please correct your curriculums, text books, Etc.

The bottom line  is that  we are all members of the Human Race and we need to hold hands together before our Modern Society collapses. 

Prejudices and Discrimination is a sigh of Flagrant Ignorance!

MiguelAngelDiaz says:

bwdn2008  I know, it is a shame that our entire culture was put to waste and lost because of an inferior pale race who’s only attribute was greed. Sadly I have a direct cultural connection to these raiders in my veins and we all must make the best of it by admitting to this and making up for it through recognition. I will never forget that I have lineage to the superior Taino race.

OrlandoRodriguez2 says:

Yes we have them sorry i have to tell you that bro. Thats one of the reason the US wont let got of Puerto Rico.

MiguelAngelDiaz says:

Who mentioned astronauts? You can read right? Your inbreeding is still showing Raul.

HectorHSanchez says:

Raul Castillo We are Gods gift..Envy kills.

HectorHSanchez says:

Tanta ignorancia si no conocen de PR a estas alturas que se queden bruto..La envidia se los come por dentro..

Raul Castillo says:

Of NASA’s 833 astronauts, 11 of them are Hispanic or 1%. Of those 11, only one has Puerto Rican descent (born in the USA). Technically, NASA never had a Puerto Rican astronaut. If you count the one who was born in the USA, then one tenth of one percent of NASA’s astronauts are “Puerto Rican”. Congratulations.

MiguelAngelDiaz says:

Frank Serrano Raul Castillo  Come on Frank, you are better than this. Don’t listen to this.

MiguelAngelDiaz says:

Where exactly are you getting these statistics from Raul? The Klan? I will end this argument by asking you to inquire within NASA and see for yourself that of all Hispanics working there at least 75% of the are from Puerto Rico or of Puerto Rican decent. Further more judging from your statements written here it is very likely that you are just a sad little troll with a very pathetic existence. I only urge everyone here not to listen to you and just sit back and enjoy you as your inbreeding continues to show. GOD Bless.

Raul Castillo says:

Denying reality is not only ignorant, it does disservice to Puerto Ricans to pretend there isn’t a problem. I would implore you to do some research, but I suspect you are Puerto Rican yourself. Research shows that only 30% of you graduate highschool and 16% of that 30% continue on to college.

Raul Castillo says:

More proof they think they are God’s gift. Thank you.

luckypzz says:

Raul Castillo All i see coming from you  is envy and hate, cause PUERTORICANS are better than you,maybe you and your family are illegal in this country and hate to accept that Puertorican are americans.

Frank Serrano says:

Raul Castillo You sound like a worthless piece of shit. You Are using a Spanish name  so you can bring us down with all the lies you  stated  about Puerto Ricans . Maybe  If a  Dot head won the lotto it will make you happy. Go back to the rock you crawled out of.

Raul Castillo says:

Funny how the article fails to mention that PR pays absolutly nothing in federal income tax. Forget about the fact that most Puerto Ricans in America are loud and obnoxious, lazy, on welfare, and lag behind other Hispanic groups in every index of economic and social progress. Puerto Ricans have the highest rate of mental illness than any other ethnic group, drug and alcohol abuse account for 1 in every 5 deaths between ages of 15-44, puerto rican children are the most likely to be placed in foster care and remain there the longest compared to blacks and whites. The irony is that they all act like they are God’s gift to Earth. Puerto Ricans are worthless parasites. Lotto or no lotto.

DanCooperatpeace says:

I wouldn’t care if the whole world played, or who won, as long as it’s a fair game.

lucianoortizcruz says:

MiguelAngelDiaz lucianoortizcruz mariatam  Dude, no offense
taken, I am very clear that I am not bilingual, I speak, write, read and
understand the English language as a second language. I do not need you serve
as a translator, because neither I used them. And if you do not understand me,
I feel sorry for you.

MiguelAngelDiaz says:

lucianoortizcruz mariatam  No uses translate! Tus respuestas no tienen sentido, pero si entiendo lo que deseas hacer entender pero no todo el mundo es como yo. Busca otra manera de escribir lo que deseas decir. Por favor no te ofendas ya que solo deseo ayudarte, si quieres escribemelo en tu idioma y yo te lo tradusco. Dios Bendiga.

lucianoortizcruz says:

Lagueadisima Friend, Don Pedro Albizu Campo said once that the beast (USA) had to know it from his guts. If you do not know the language of your enemy, culture and psyche, how you can fight. In the fight for freedom you fight on all fronts available, we are also in the XXI century, cannon, rifle and bayonet, were changed by the verb, democratic processes and diplomatic strategies. From strength to strength we are at a disadvantage, but intellect and reasoning we are in advantage as we assists us the truth.

lucianoortizcruz says:

mariatam lucianoortizcruz  You have wrong
concepts, you see this very small, your derogatory is tiny and it is not as you
see, if you really had studied the history good of Puerto Rico, who led this
revolution in PR was Betances from exile, and yes, along with other patriots
from other nations liberated from Spain, yes, they helped us in one way or
another, this was a movement to free the great nation (Latin America) agreed by
Simon Bolivar, and supported by José Francisco de San Martin San Martin where
to Cuba with the Grito the Yara and Puerto Rico with the Grito de Lares would
achieve our independence, the last Spanish strongholds, and so expelled Spain
from America. But history is one, Cuba has better results and we were
betrayed, and I can understand your position if you are simplistic or
simpatizarte with annexation to the Spanish crown.

lucianoortizcruz says:

Lagueadisima LuisVazquez  Claro, si no quieres considerar que los españoles
le impusieron el idioma español a los nativos americanos que ya estaban aquí
cuando ellos llegaron.

lucianoortizcruz says:

luckypzz I would like to see that. I know statehood will not be granted to Puerto Rico because the gentlemen of Congress do not want to give. Puerto Rico is a nation integrated and very different from USA, and has not been Americanized. if they (Congress) do not want to grant statehood, how you hope that Congress granted statehood.

identidad says:

Jaa lee un periódico o escucha la radio que vale la pena no a los sensacionalistas que hay aqui…

identidad says:

Such Lack of education, knowledge, history,facts and owned opinions… para hablarle en lenguaje popular y sensillo… lease pal eh libros pa’ que este claro y entienda quien es Puerto Rico…. digo si es que vive en Puerto Rico?

RichardMaldonado says:

Saludos a todos los Boricuas de la tierra del encanto.  Siempre hay personas que nos envidian por que somos los unicos latinos que tenemos la libertad de ir y venir a los Estados Unidos.  Y tener privilegios que otros no tienen. Yo naci en Santurce, (condado).  Servi en las fuerzas armadas, y orgullosos de mis raices puertorriquenas. My companera es americana de New Jersey,  y tiene la cultura boricua en su sangre.  Vivimos en la Florida y bailamos salsa ycocinamos arroz con gandules juntos.  Ella defiende a los Boricuas como si fueran de su sangre. Estamos orgullosos del uno al otro y nunca hablamos mal de su raza o de la mia.  Somos seres humanos humildes y amistosos y le abrimos las puertas a todos ustedes.  Paz para todos y los quiero por igual.

NYboricuaFL says:

Can’t type…to busy clapping. Well said, well written…well done!  Soy boricua de FL

Cuco says:

Lagueadisima Atiende so collera, el
reportaje está escrito para el lector angloparlante ósea al gringo. Pero como
vas a entenderlo si solo hablas un español descoñetao, hablan como si tuvieran
un plátano en la boca. Aprende a hablar primero el español y tal vez puedas comentar.
Nosotros como Boricuas hablamos 2 idiomas, sean impuestos o no, nos gusta y
entramos y salimos a los EU cuando nos da la gana. “SUCH IS LIFE”.
Lo que tengamos que resolver lo resolvemos nosotros y lo que decidamos lo
decidimos nosotros, no una sarta de acomplejados con aires de europeos. Gracias
a uno como tú, que se metió en Cuba pidiendo su libertad, Cuba está como está.
Empobrecida sin libertad, gritando Cuba Libre de la boca hacia afuera. “SUCH

mariatam says:

Esta página es de Estados Unidos, creada por latinos que viven y nacieron allá en Estados Unidos y por ende utilizan el inglés como primer idioma porque se han formado en ese país anglosajón. No es una página de Puerto Rico, en la isla el español es el idioma del país.

RebeccaFigueroaLeon says:

“Today, U.S. federal agencies control Puerto Rico’s foreign relations, customs, immigration, postal system, radio, TV, transportation, Social Security, military, maritime laws, banks, commerce, currency and defense. That’s without the people of Puerto Rico having a vote in U.S. elections.” Aqui no se esta hablando de no tener patria, se esta hablando economicamente, el Puerto Riqueno paga los impuestos como, Seguro Social, commercio, militar. En otras palabras, tenemos el derecho de entrar y salir, sin problemas.

FernandoVelez1 says:

Muy cierto lo q dices.COLONIA. porque la contitucion y las leyes de la metropolis son las q prevalencen.

bwdn2008 says:

Puerto Ricans are Natives of the Americas, and were part of this Colony long before Europeans arrived. The Marines invaded Puerto Rico because of its strategic position.  America also invaded and occupied Hawaii before forcing them into Statehood. Now when you go to Hawaii the Natives there are either gone or living in poverty. Native Americans have at least 20,000 years of living in the America’s before Colonization. Columbus found a people thriving in a pristine environment where no one was sick, homeless, or hungry. They quickly changed that by bringing sickness to the people and environmental disaster to the land.  Natives traveled throughout the Caribbean, in North and South America. My Native Ancestors were from Columbia South America, but they were slaves in Columbia South Carolina. They had languages before Europeans arrived and a culture which was lost not through choice but force. I see all of the peoples of the Americas as the First Families. I hope more people win the lottery and come to the US from our neighbors to the South. You are not immigrants you are the First Families and you don’t owe an apology to anyone!

Lagueadisima says:

LuisVazquez Bueno…que yo sepa en América latina nadie habla español por imposición, es más en toda América latina el idioma ES el español por tradición, por historia, y eso no es imposición, son raíces En mi país al menos, amamos nuestro idioma y es nuestro orgullo. Es muy triste leer esa falta de amor a su patria… Yo no podría jurar lealtad a otra bandera que no fuera la mía, ni luchar por otra nación que no fuera la mía…triste…muy triste…

LuisVazquez says:

Hablamos español por imposición como todos los hispanos de Las Américas, pero hablamos ingles por opción. Lo de que somos colonia es una mentira generalizada, Puerto Rico es propiamente una provincia de EU pero claro, de tanto que se trilla una idea, se le acepta. Los puertorriqueños ya somos libres, seríamos presos cuando nos encerráramos en una isla en contra de la voluntad del pueblo. Debe saber que solo un 3% de la población de PR ha favorecido alguna vez la opción de separación, pero ese grupito suele hablar “mal representando” la mayoría de la gente acá. De hecho en más de tres ocasiones el partido que los representa no ha llegado a tener suficientes votantes como para prevalecer. Saludos desde Puerto Rico.

Lagueadisima says:

Latino Rebels y escriben en inglés? Cuán rebeldes pueden ser si usan el idioma de sus colonizadores? La primera libertad es la del lenguaje, piénsenlo! Saludos desde Argentina y que viva Puerto Rico LIBRE!

KevinMurray1 says:

I think they are mistaking the DU shells used on Viques.

AEden729 says:

Thank you for your service! It truly is appreciated. Anyone who has fought for our freedoms should be appreciated and acknowledged.

MiguelAngelDiaz says:

luckypzz  I’ll drink to that bud!

SueEisen says:

Wow. Sometimes, I’m ashamed at the incredible stupidly of my fellow Americans. So, hey people, did you know that Puerto Ricans can come and go throughout the USA and live wherever they want, whenever they want? Discrimination sucks.

mariatam says:

i have to correct you but the Carta Autonomica (the law that gave autonomic powers to the Province of Puerto Rico, the first province of Spain to become an autonomous province, later all the provinces would become autonomous like it happens today) was given on November 25 1897, almost a year before the US invasion.

mariatam says:

lucianoortizcruz mariatam 
yes we studied history and the Grito de Lares was a tiny rebellion sponsored by foreing countries (Dominican Republic and Haiti), lead by two Venezuelans, Manuel Rojas and his brother, with the help of dominicans too. Yes, and that tiny rebellion was squashed by puerto ricans, the majority was loyal to the motherland Spain and that is the reason why in 1898 Puerto Rico was at peace, there was no independence war like in Cuba and the people were celebrating the Carta Autonómica, the president of the province of Puerto Rico was Luis Muñoz Rivera and he said clearly in the newspaper La Democracia (quote 1898) ”We are Spaniards”.

mickey721 says:

All I can say, is that I’m a proud born Puerto Rican and i love my island with all my heart.
Yes I came to live in the city of new York when I was very small with my parents to get a more stable life and a more economic life.
But I never forgot my roots and where I come from
Que viva Puerto Rico

prelvis says:

To all you Puerto Rican Hater !!! Learn your History before you talk…..

LuisVazquez says:

oh I do understand. And I understand also propaganda and manipulation… I live in the island I see this every day, born and raised here and having seen life in the mainland and in many Latin countries I know what gives… And like I said 20 or 30 people who have friends in the media can never amount to the huge numbers they claim to be. For the most part the vast majority of people in Puerto Rico resent Spain and could care less about them or their country, less even would they care about beign part of them… Especially now. Now if you refer to the 94% who actually want permanent unity with the U.S. One way or another, well, that’s another story.

luckypzz says:

Puerto Rico soon will become STATE of this great nation and will have more power than all 50 states,ha,ha,ja…

luckypzz says:

Get ready cause Piuerto Rico is going to be an state and with more than all 50 states,ha,ha,ha…..

lucianoortizcruz says:

Tonyowner Tony agree with you, I am a veteran who served in the Navy, also i was assigned in Roosvelt Roads, Ceiba and never saw a missile in Roosie. Yes I saw missiles and i was very close to them, but not in Ceiba.

lucianoortizcruz says:

bearwoman Bearwomen, I’m a veteran, I served in the Navy, I face PTSD and am also independence, thank you for your words, and people like you are always welcome.

lucianoortizcruz says:

LuisVazquez Luis you give me the impression that you are an ignorant or do not know the difference between an independence, a colonialist and an annexation. Who’s independence, the word define it, wants to be free and do not want to annex to USA, nor Spain, however the colonialist will annexation to the US and if this clown, to Spain or to anyone who fill the belly.

lucianoortizcruz says:

mariatam On this person is that you are raided the argument, you have been in the town of Yauco, Puerto Rico. You have fact their investigations of who is this person, this person i the town clown  (Yauco) you know what is the April Fool’s joke.

lucianoortizcruz says:

mariatam I am not sure where you studied the history of Puerto Rico, but your argument is wrong, Puerto Rico had a struggle against Spain for independence like the other colonies of the West Indies and the Americas. Must return to take a course in the history of Puerto Rico and Latin American. You forgat El Grito De Lares, el Comité Revolucionario de Puerto Rico, Dr. Ramón Emeterio Betances, Segundo Ruiz Belvis, Mariana Bracetti, Matías Brugman, Manuel Rojas, Manuel María González, Carlos Lacroix y Manuel Cebollero, Francisco Ramírez Medina, Aurelio Méndez, among many others. We dont want to be part of USA or Motherland-Spain. You need to go back to school and do some survey about goin back to Spain. Spain and USA are good country to vist, not to live.

LuisVazquez says:

Nevertheless, you are a US citizen and a natural born at that. In order to lose it, a new law would need to be passed that would affect only those born after that law, everyone else would remain an American. Even though you are Right, its a law, As of 1917 all Ricans are born American Citizens by law and you’d need to be 21 and renounce to it in a legal process to loose it, after which you’d be a foreigner in the island and require special privileges to remain here if allowed, such as the case of the only person who ever successfully did renounce to it after that date (Mari Brass) but lived his remaining life as a foreigner of his own territory.

lucianoortizcruz says:

VanessaGuzman The Americans call themselves Americans, because the name of the Republic is the United States America. It’s easier to say “I am an American”, is practical. Smart people know who live on the American continent, is also American. What is the argument ?

lucianoortizcruz says:

KermitEnocRodriguez The Americans call themselves Americans, because the name of the Republic is the United States America. It’s easier to say “I am an American”, is practical. Smart people know who live on the American continent, is also American. What is the argument ?

lucianoortizcruz says:

LuisVazquez If you were born in Puerto Rico, you’re not a US
citizen by birth, you are a US
citizen by law, the Jones-Shafroth Act “Pub.L. 64-368, 39 Stat. 951”,
enacted on March 2, 1917 gives the citizenship to the residents who live in the
territory of the United
States of America.

lucianoortizcruz says:

VanessaGuzman The Caribbean and West Indies do not
belong to the American continent, we are not in the same American tectonic
plate, we are in the West Indian tectonic plate geologically speaking. So established this, the Caribbean and the West Indies
are not American, because we are not in the same American tectonic plate, we
belong to the West Indian tectonic plate, we are Antillanos.

lucianoortizcruz says:

rogelio0801 I agree with your argument, but I must correct that the law which you
refer is the Jones–Shafroth
Act, “granted US citizenship to Puerto Ricans
among other things” and not Foraketr Act, “removes the military
government and an American civil governor is appoints among other things”
The Foraker Act, http://legislink.org/us/pl-56-191, 31 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Statutes_at_Largehttp://legislink.org/us/stat-31-77, enacted April 12, 1900, officially known as the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Organic_Actof
1900, is a http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_federal_lawthat established civilian
(albeit limited popular) government on the island of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puerto_Rico, which had recently become a possession of the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Statesas a result of
the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish%E2%80%93American_War.
The Jones-Shafroth
Acthttp://legislink.org/us/pl-64-368, 39 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Statutes_at_Largehttp://legislink.org/us/stat-39-951, enacted March 2, 1917, also known as the Jones Act of Puerto Rico, Jones
Law of Puerto Rico, or
as the Puerto Rican Federal
Relations Act of 1917, was an http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Act_of_Congress
of the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Congress,
signed by President http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Woodrow_Wilson
on March 2, 1917.
The act superseded the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foraker_Act
and granted http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citizenship_in_the_United_States to the people of Puerto Rico.

NormaRosado says:

Just let the ignorant live. I’m 71 yrs. old and I always remember using American dollars in PR. And for the person who said that we don’t even speak English. Let me tell you something we have Bilingual programs in PR. Most people in Puerto Rico learn English at an early age. Some come to USA and are afraid to speak English because we have an accent, but Who in America doesn’t have an accent ?  Even some American people speak with an accent. I am a proud Puerto Rican from Cayey. I also love America, because I have worked hard in this country, but I also have received good benefits. Viva Puerto Rico !

rogelio0801 says:

The United States did not “Liberate ” Puerto Rico from Spain,  Puerto  Rico had received the “Carta Autonomica” from the Spanish Crown 14 days prior to the invasion, which Puertorricans fought wholehaertly to repel. Don’t  change the real history to excuse US imperialistic actions since the 19th century. Later in 1917 by “Foraker Law”, the island was forced into citizenship with the sole purpose to use Puertorrican Youth as “cannon meat”, in the first world war, imposing mandatory military service. This is the real history, not the us version.

mariatam says:

you are right on, the reunification option is attractive to those statehooders who are tired of US colonialism and see in Spain the security of belonging to the european country and the benefits of the European Union. Commonwealth supporters can  language and culture permanently protected under Spain something that statehood denies, also returning to the Motherland is something that has been talked about since early late 80’s when the commonwealth party invited the King of Spain to Puerto Rico, took english off as a secondary language in the early 90s and the pro commonwealth governor was awarded the Principe de Asturias medal, the spanish version of the nobel prize. The pro independence supporters also see the reunification with Spain with good eyes because Puerto Rico can be recognized as a nation under the spanish constitution, constitution that since 1978 recognizes many spanish provinces as ”historic nations”, under Spain the island would have more autonomy that at present under status or under statehood and also language and culture would be protected forever.

VanessaGuzman says:

Everybody keeps refering to USA as “America”, hello, everyone that was born in South America, Central America, North America, the Caribbean and any part of this side of the globe IS American

GilbertFlorens says:

LuisVazquez  Not exclusively independentistas…..some are statehooders tired of the 116+ years waiting for a statehood that is not going to happen, some are status quo supporters who do not want to become a US state but neither an independent country….some are independentistas who know people will not vote for that but still realize we were Spanish citizens when the US invaded….and so on

GilbertFlorens says:

EnriqueCaro mariatam  I have heard of it and read about it too and I live in Florida….so someone is not doing his research.

GilbertFlorens says:

mariatam  I agree

LuisVazquez says:

Nope. Not true. Lo unico que Hugo fue en Lajas y es una base submarina.

LuisVazquez says:

About 20 crazy independentistas…. Not more.

LuisVazquez says:

The only thing that matters to me is that we are natural born US citizens and have never Been immigrants. We Didnt come To the US but rather the US came to us and thats a fact. http://youtu.be/ASSOQDQvVLU

WilliamNazario says:

OK!….el 99.9% de todas estas personas que nos están juzgando y criticando, son las menos,,pero si hay una palabra de menos yo diría que son los “menos” indicados para hablar de nacionales americanos,,,,preguntemos el origen de cada uno de ellos la mayoria son y es un ejemplo de algunos origines..  de padres, con origen Italianos,Griegos,alemanes y otras razas de origen europeo..los llamados peregrinos….asi es que los unicos que tendrían el derecho de criticar la nacionalidad Puertorriuena son los Indios de Estados Unidos y ellos con tener el derecho de ser verdaderos americanos..jamas criticarian a un Puertorriqueno, porque la mayoria de ellos concoen la historia de PR como de Hawaii y otros que fueron territorios,,yo tuve la oportunidad de comvivir en El estado de oklahoma, por varios anos y nunca escuche un properio departe d elos Indios o como os laman  “El hombre rojo de oklahoma”…so como dice el refran siempre Habla quienes menos pueden y los que tienen los rabos mas largos, Asi es que si vamos a ver quien es mas Estadodounidense,,,un inmigrante italiano o un Puertorriqueno?

KermitEnocRodriguez says:

People is not America is United State America is the continent.

Reinaldo Rivera says:

Tonyowner  There were nuclear munitions, not necessarily missiles, in Roosevelt Roads Naval Base and Ramey Air Force Base.

EnriqueCaro says:

mariatam Don’t know where you get this info from, but I live in PR and have never heard of such a thing, let alone reunification with Spain.

EnriqueCaro says:

I’ve posted several links below, of the military history of Puerto Ricans, since the Civil War.  Take a few moments to enlighten yourselves, it is truly remarkable the ignorance of our fellow Americans.  I am a Puerto Rican, served honorably in the Army of the USA, received a Commission and retired from active service after a twenty-year career.

mariatam says:

US invaded a province of Spain that was at peace and did not want independence from the motherland. Now many puerto ricans are looking at returning back to Spain and want the option of Reunification with Motherland in a future status referendum along with the rest of the options, also they want to become a party. Google the news in spanish ”Los anexionistas de Puerto Rico con España se convertirán en partido político”

jrd0309 says:

Thank you for this article. I hope this will shine a light to those people whom do not know anything about us.

GriselledeLeon says:

Well, well, well, said, What happen with these redneck, racists, who know nothing about history?  We, the Borinqueneers, or PuertoRicans, speak, read, and write English and Spanish and surprinsgly, thousands of us, do French and even German…………………. We are proud, we are strong, and believe in equality, we welcome people from around the world, and tell them this is your home away from home, LOTTO? who needs more games here, but if we have them, let us play!………………PUERTO RICANS ARE US CITIZENS……………..be known, but most of all WE ARE PROUD TO BE PUERTO RICANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bearwoman says:

It is appaling to think that there are people still out there with racism in their heart and mind. I am not a Puerto Rican person but do live in Puerto Rico and am proud to be here and am so happy that a Puerto Rican person was one of the winners and not another racist person of the USA. If we could all stop thinking us and them and start thinking we everyone would be so much happier, and a last reminder Puerto Ricans have been in wars and conflicts of the USA and have shed blood right next to people of the USA. Concluding with stop putting down people and get a good life.

titovi11 says:

Tonyowner Si las hubo en Roosvelt Roads Ceiba.

KevinMurray1 says:

“To the victor goes the spoils”

Tonyowner says:

I live in Puerto Rico all my life and there are NO atomic missile bases on the island. That’s incorrect.