Non-Latino Media Suddenly Discovers That There Are ‘Speak English’ Racists in the US

So the following video that Shaun King tweeted about and that many online news sites wrote about it (here, here and here), let’s just say this: this type of “speak English” racist bullshit has become its own Internet genre, and it didn’t take a Trump Administration for it to “suddenly” appear.

So for every Mike in the world…

There’s the IHOP lady from 2015:

Or this one from Branson, Missouri (also in 2015):

Oh, yes, we should mention Racist Mall Lady from 2016:

Or the former realtor who was really bothered that there was a Mexican flag on someone’s lawn in 2014:

Don’t forget the Idaho school driver from 2016:

We are pretty sure you had no idea that a Texas legislator did this in 2011:

Or that in 2014, Gene Simmons said this:

And the 2016 Avis one:

So, yes, this is a thing. It’s been a thing for a while now.

Which leads us to our final point, so eloquently stated by @jackstermaster

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