OPINION: Machismo in Puerto Rico Kills

Such an ignorant mentality has now led to a deadly epidemic on the island.

  • May 5, 2021
  • 4:10 PM

From Street Vendors to SXSW Stars: How a Group of Salvadoran Women Fights Machismo Through Theatre

Ruth, Wendy, Magda, Chileno and Magaly are five Salvadoran women who started their own theatre company and aspired for a better life in a male-dominated culture.

  • Mar 15, 2019
  • 9:20 AM

iLe’s Newest Song ‘Temes’ Confronts Machismo Straight On

Why are so you afraid of me? 

  • Mar 5, 2019
  • 4:01 PM

Fighting Femicide and Machismo in Puerto Rico

Latino Rebels Radio: December 2, 2018

  • Dec 2, 2018
  • 4:28 PM

Calling Out Machismo Culture (PODCAST)

Latino Rebels Radio: January 8, 2017

  • Jan 9, 2017
  • 12:03 AM

Yes, Romney Camp Uses Machismo as Reason Why Obama Is Losing Florida Latino Support

Come on. Really? Let's step back for a minute and give you the context. This past weekend, the Miami Herald reported a new poll it conducted with Florida International University. The latest results have Obama leading Romney 51-44% (just seven percentage points) among the sampling of about 720 Latino voters the poll reached in Florida. The full […]

  • Oct 15, 2012
  • 4:41 PM

Lawmakers Look to Improve Mental Health Access Among Latinos, But Barriers Persist

New rules announced by President Joe Biden and a new bill introduced by Sens. Alex Padilla (D-CA) and Bob Menendez (D-NJ) look to eliminate the high costs and enduring stigma that keep many Latinos from seeking mental health care.

  • Aug 10, 2023
  • 3:35 PM

Men Take a Back Seat in J.Lo’s ‘The Mother’ (REVIEW)

Jennifer Lopez has more than earned the right to be the star, to put great men in supporting roles, and tell a story that unapologetically centers her. It’s a rare feat for a Latina, but hopefully one that becomes less so as J.Lo continues paving the way.

  • May 15, 2023
  • 1:02 PM

Guns, Gender and Masculinity (OPINION)

Many people believe that owning a gun is a symbol of power and protection. These associations are often tied to traditional gender roles, with men expected to be dominant and protective while women are to be submissive and nurturing.

  • Apr 5, 2023
  • 4:06 PM

‘Huesera: The Bone Woman’ Exposes the Horror in Mexican Expectations Around Motherhood (INTERVIEW)

Writer-director Michelle Garza Cervera’s feature debut, ‘Huesera: The Bone Woman,’ exposes the Mexican cult of motherhood as a site of horror. The film follows Natalia Solián as Valeria, a young Mexican woman who’s convinced herself that she wants what society wants of her.

  • Feb 9, 2023
  • 1:10 PM

In Musical ‘Desaparecidas,’ Jaime Lozano Looks to Honor, Celebrate Women of Mexico (INTERVIEW)

With music and lyrics by Jaime Lozano, lyrics by Florencia Cuenca, and book by Georgina Escobar, ‘Desaparecidas’ celebrates the individual lives of women in Mexico, highlighting the challenge of embracing customs while fighting for autonomy in a dangerous world of machismo.

  • Dec 8, 2022
  • 1:07 PM

In Search of the ‘Latino Vote’ (OPINION)

The “Latino vote” is the Holy Grail of politics, and locking it down is more difficult than people seem to have anticipated. A breakdown of why viewing Latino voters as a monolith is a mistake.

  • Nov 18, 2022
  • 5:06 PM

Florida’s Latino Independents Lean Republican in Futuro Media Poll

After Futuro Media’s first-ever poll of Latino voters in Florida revealed high support for Gov. DeSantis and the Republican Party, Latino Rebels spoke to respondents to get a better sense of the political environment in a battleground state that is quickly becoming a crimson stronghold for the GOP.

  • Oct 27, 2022
  • 10:00 AM

The Ex-Rebel Women Searching for Colombia’s Disappeared

BOGOTÁ, Colombia — Yaritza, Mireya, Shirley, and Otilia travel the country searching for the bodies of those who were disappeared during the civil war.

  • Jun 14, 2022
  • 5:18 PM

From EL FARO ENGLISH: Feminism Under Fire in Central America

Guatemala marked International Women’s Day by voting to increase sentences for abortion and outlaw sex ed. El Salvador announced plans to repeal the violence against women law. There was no 8M march in Nicaragua and key feminist leaders remain in prison. Only Honduras’ first female president stepped up this week by proposing a law against gender violence and weighing lifting a ban on emergency contraception.

  • Mar 14, 2022
  • 11:00 AM

Jon Huertas Instills Care and Latinx Authenticity in NBC’s ‘This Is Us’

From Moesha to Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Castle and now This Is Us, Huertas has been in over 400 episodes on television. And for much of his career, he’s been the only Latinx actor on the call sheet.

  • Feb 25, 2022
  • 10:06 AM

Chilean Women, Wary of Right-Wing Candidate, May Decide President’s Race

Recent polls show that women and young voters overwhelmingly favor the leftist Boric, sometimes by as much as 20 points. “It all depends on turnout,” said Marcela Rios, a political scientist at the United Nations Development Program in Chile who has focused on gender issues.

  • Dec 17, 2021
  • 3:13 PM

Al Montoya’s Mission to Bring More Latinos to Hockey (INTERVIEW)

Álvaro “Al” Montoya, the first Cuban American to play in the National Hockey League, wants a more Latino NHL than the one he played in. As the recently appointed director of community outreach for the Stars, he is working to create the change he wants to see.

  • Oct 22, 2021
  • 6:08 PM

Latina Powerlifters On Owning Your Power (A Latino USA Podcast)

We follow Denise Juarez and Jasmine Idrogo, two elite Latina powerlifters, who take us on their journey to qualify for the 2021 national powerlifting competition.

  • Oct 22, 2021
  • 11:04 AM

‘I Carry You with Me’: A Gay Mexican Immigrant Love Story

Documentary filmmaker Heidi Ewing’s first fiction film, ‘I Carry You with Me’ tells the story of two gay Mexican immigrants’ journey to New York City

  • Jun 30, 2021
  • 12:07 PM

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