It’s Official: The Racist White Lady Anti-Latino Video Rant Can Now Be Its Own Internet Genre

Dec 23, 2016
12:53 PM

One of the unexpected consequences about Tuesday’s now infamous Racist Louisville White Lady in Mall video is that we have seen a noticeable uptick in similar stories that we had published before.

For example, a Facebook video posted in August 2015 from an IHOP in Los Angeles has been getting more attention in the last few days. Sound familiar?

In fact, just a few days after that video dropped, we spoke with the young man who filmed that rant.

Another example that is making a comeback (although it is not as ranty) is the one where a woman at an Avis counter (inside a Florida department store) refused to service customers because they were speaking in Spanish. It took Avis one month to respond, but they did.

And we would be remiss to not mention the 2014 video of Tressy Capps, who essentially trespassed private property to tell a couple to not fly a Mexican flag on their lawn:

Around that time, we also spoke with Capps:

No doubt there are probably more examples, so don’t be surprised if we just create our own category soon.

And one more thing? For all your Trumpistas who are justifying the Kentucky woman’s racism because someone cut the line, here is our response to you: